Hybrid Tea Rose

The Hybrid Tea Rose is the favored rose of those who like to cut long stemmed roses, with large flowers. They are usually tall, upright plants. Most have wonderful fragrance. They are equally at home in formal gardens, or informal plantings,as long as they are hardy to your planting zone.

Some of the most beautiful dark red roses (especially the ones you get in a bouquet) are Hybrid Teas.

photo courtesy Drew Avery April in Paris

This lovely Hybrid Tea Rose is the palest dawn pink color. It’s fragrance is a tea/rose scent. This bush grows to 5 feet. It was voted in 2008 “rose of the year”


This classically formed Hybrid Tea rose has various shades of gold and apricot. They have an unusual, bright yellow ” peacock” fan pattern on the backs of each petal.

This rose is exibition quality. They do fade in the heat. They are typically called a “bouquet machine”, because of the abundance of flowers the bush produces.

Large flowers can get as large as 6 inches across. Plant can grow 5-6 ft. They have only a slight fragrance.

A lovely addition to the garden


The Bella’roma Hybrid Tea Rose is a lovely yellow/ blushed in pink color.

It produces abundant flowers all season long.

It has a sweet antique rose perfume fragrance

It grows 4-6 feet

Black Baccara

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photo courtsey; Antonio Motta

Dark rich color rose, are dark red roses with a velvety texture, and mild nutty fragrance.

Grows to 4 feet

It is a continual bloomer, that is very disease resistant.

Great cut flower! Long stemmed roses It was introduced for the florist trade on valentines day 2001

Hardy zones 6-10


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photo courtsey: Antonio Motta View more rose images from his lovely garden at www.ameroses.com

This is a large flowered Hybrid Tea Rose. They make really great cut flowers. This plant blooms in flushes throughout the season. It grows to about 2 feet. It has a strong, old rose fragrance. Hardy Zones 6b-9b

Change of Heart

ovely Hybrid Tea Rose

This is a real two-toned beauty.

It blooms steadily all season long.

It has a light spicy fragrance

The bush grows to 5 feet tall

Fragrant Cloud

Coral-orange blooms

Not only are the blooms on this Hybrid Tea Rose lovely, but it has a captivating heady, expensive perfume fragrance. Just one bloom will perfume an entire garden!

If you live in the right zone to grow these, and you want fragrance…

Upright bush grows 3-4 feet


This is one of the most vigorous and trouble free Hybrid Tea rose

Wonderful long-cutting stems on a 3-4 ft. bush

The scent is that of papaya

Memorial Day

Orchid pink color

Enormous old-fashioned full flowers

Super-vigorous blooming ability

One bloom perfumes the room grows 5-6 ft.

Moon Shadow

This purple beauty has very unique coloring. Bush grows to five feet and has lovely dark green foliage. Long pointed buds open into beautiful double blooms. Great long stemmed cutting rose. Wonderful strong antique rose fragrance.

Hardy Zones 6-10

Available from: Heirloom Roses

photo courtsey of Drew Avery

Most Hybrid Tea Roses are hardy in zones 6-10. Some are hardy as far as zone 5, but I caution you if you live in that zone, to protect them as much as you can!

If you don’t know if you are in the right zone to grow a

Hybrid Tea Rose click here for planting zones

For more ideas on planting and growing Hybrid Teas

This bookTea Roses: Old Roses for Warm Gardens has plenty of beautiful color photographs, and planting ideas!

Double Delight Rose Two-Toned beauty with a captivating aroma that you can smell from 10 feet away! Creamy white, with srawberry edging, a lovely tea rose!

Elegant Lady

This classic beauty is an Elegant lady indeed! The lovely pink/Ivory petals will mesmerize you!

The bush grows to 5 ft.


All rights reserved. Any use of pictures requires consent from the autor. Email: _info@ameroses.com

photo courtsey: Antonio Motta

Large flowered, with very dark red, with a lighter reverse coloring.

Strong- fruity, musk, old rose fragrance.

This tall upright bush grows 5-6 ft.

Very disease resistant

Named for the firefighters who lost their lives on Sept.11 2001. “Remember me” rose gardens will be building 3 rose gardens near where the planes crashed that awful day. Each garden will have a rose bush for each victim that day. Nearly 3,000 rose bushes in each garden…

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A simply breathtaking color combination on this exceptionally cold-hardy Hybrid Tea.

The wonderful cinnamon/clove fragrance will make you want to stay out in the garden (or pick lots of bouquets)

The bush grows 5-6 ft.

Just Joey

photo courtsey cliff1066

This classic Hybrid tea, has large blooms of deep, rich copper, that get lighter toward the edges.

This rose was voted The Worlds favorite Rose in 1994 at Roseworld Convention in New Zealand.

Grows 4-5 feet tall, on a free flowering, bushy plant.

Strong Clove fragrance

Hardy Zones 5-10

Just Joey Rose

Pink Peace

hoto courtsey flicker CS 97009

Very Large, double blooms are produced singly on mid-sized stems.

Tall upright , bushy plant, with mid green leathery foliage.

Lemon Tea fragrance

Hardy zone 5/6-10

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Crimson Bouquet

photo courtsey Dave Avery

These lovely dark red roses, are actually not Hybrid teas, but Grandifloras. They are very closely related. Grandifloras, being bred from Hybrid teas, are usually taller, with clusters of flowers, instead of single stems.

This one is a vigorous grower with disease resistant foliage. I include it here, because the flower form is that of the teas.

The bright velvety blooms will dazzel you, as it blooms profically for the duration of the season!

Grows 4-5 feet tall slight fragrance Hardy zones 6-10


A very vigorous bush that produces lovely pink blooms, A prolific bloomer for the duration of the season. Long lasting blooms.

Grows 5-6feet

Intence, fruity fragrance

Hardy zones 6-10

Great for cutting!

photo courtsey Rick Leche


photo courtsey Drew Avery

Tropical looking Orange-red color. Excellent all season bloom, holds the color well, even in hot sun. Disease resistant except to mildew. Medium upright bush, grows 4-6 feet. Frity fragrance Hardy zones 7-10


Large exhibition size blooms are a shocking pink. Blooms constantly all season.

This is one of the cleanest, hardiest bright pinks.

Grows 3 1/2 feet. Very disease resistant.

Wonderful Old Spice fragrance

hardy zones 6-10

photo courtsey Drew Avery

Ultimate Pink

Large, light pink flowers are classic tea form, produced throughout the season, on long cutting stems.

Upright vigorous 4-6 ft. plant

A slight, sweet fragrance.

Disease resistant bush

One of the best in Pink Hybrid Teas

Gift of Life

photo courtsey Jami Dwyer

Soft golden yellow, blushed with pink, on long straight stems, perfect for cutting. One of the best for cutting!

Produces masses of flowers.

Plant grows 4-5 feet.

Moderate rose fragrance

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this rose goes to the National Kidney Foundation, as well as the Organ Donor Program.

Mister Lincoln A deep velvety red learn more……

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