Wild Rose with Snail

by Peggy
(Sunshine Coast, British Columbia)

I took this picture of a wild rose with snail because, Wild roses are my favorite...who can resist their scent? Unfortunately we have very rocky ground where I live so I can't plant roses in the ground. I do have a single white rose planted in a pot; it's continued to bloom year after year and it has a lovely scent. I believe it's a heritage rose of some kind but I don't know enough about gardening to tell you what kind! Believe it or not, I bought the plant at a flea market many years ago...a few times a year, women from our local gardening club sell small plants for bargain prices in our village.

When I really need a hit of roses, I go down to one of our beaches where the wild pink roses bloom in profusion. The smell is incredible! One time I found this snail visiting a rose and I thought it made an interesting picture.

To call a rose my home

Carol's Comments: Thanks Peggy. Great picture! You are so right, nothing can match the fragrance of a wild rose. It is no wonder that their fragrance has been part of rose history since the first one appeared in about 900 B.C. and we have enjoyed their lovely scent ever since!

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