The Countryman
by David Austin Roses

the countryman by david austin rosesThe Countryman

The Countryman by David Austin roses are as you can see by the photos; Quite stunning! They are typical English rose flowers of a very desirable pink color.

The medium pink blooms grow 4 inches across. They are peony-like when young, heavy petaled and rosette shaped, in a warm shade of pink. They carry an intense strawberry rose scent.
Foliage is a soft green, with small hooked pale prickles.(thorns)

the countryman rose

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Type English Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Austin 1987

Blooms Deep pink flowers, up to 4"across, have narrow, quilled petals, with a paler outer edge.

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, that can reach 3’ by 3 ½’

Foliage medium green, matte

Fragrance old rose fragrance with a hint of strawberry

Hardy Zone 4-9

pink roses the countryman

This shrub rose by David Austin (1987) is a hardy bush that is good for borders and many other landscape uses. Caroline has her favorite rose planted in a large container.
Learn more about Container Gardening here These rose types (English Roses), have beautiful old-fashioned blooms that make a very attractive bush.

You will usually get two distinct flushes of bloom (Summer) and (Fall), but blooming continues intermittently if plants are kept dead-headed.

This is a very vigorous growing rose, that is particularly healthy.

Comments and all photos of this beautiful rose set in by:

Caroline (UK)

I grow The Countryman by David Austin Roses, in a large container to brighten up the front of my house.

It's pretty hardy as we have long damp, cold winters up here and it survives! I love the shape of the blooms and the not-too-bright pink color, plus it carries a lot of flowers.


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