Roses from the Julia Davis Rose Garden

by Kathi from
(Boise, ID)

My favorite color rose, pink & yellow

My favorite color rose, pink & yellow

My favorite color rose, pink & yellow Light peach rose Pink roses Yellow rose

These roses were all photographed at the Julia Davis Rose Garden. (click on each photo to see it bigger)
To be honest, I've never really been that much of a rose person. But in June of 2009, the weekend of my wedding, my brother, new hubby, daughter and I stopped in to the rose garden in our Julia Davis Park in downtown Boise, Idaho.

It was the perfect time to be there, as all the roses seemed to be at their peak. My brother is an expert in capturing macro photographs of roses, but not wanting to be outdone, I snapped a few pics that day too with my camera phone.

And being in a romantic mood, as only a newlywed may be, I really fell in love with our local roses that day. No idea what kind any of them were, though, sorry! :)

Carol's Comments
Visiting a public rose garden can be soo... much fun! and if you are really into rose gardening, you can view the roses first hand before purchasing them! You can find out for yourself just what the color looks like.
If the garden is in your home state,(or planting zone) you can be pretty sure that if they are growing well there, they should also do well for you.
So if you visit a public garden, here are a few

Good Tips:

  • Take your camera
  • bring a pad & pencil
  • (to write down the names of the roses)
  • Take close-ups & whole plant pictures
  • Put stars next to your "Favorites"
  • (so you'll remember which ones you liked the best)

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