Graham Thomas

by Lesley

Graham Thomas rose bud

Graham Thomas rose bud

Graham Thomas rose bud Bud opening Almost open Fully open

I love this Graham Thomas rose for two reasons.

One is that it was a gift from my parents when we moved to our house 12 years ago.

The other reason is that it is THE most beautiful yellow rose. It flowers from about April right through to November and is really prolific. I dead head it regularly but it still keeps on blooming like there's not tomorrow.

When it's in bloom there's always something different to look at, whether it's the peachy coloured buds or the pale yellow full blooms. I love to take photos of them and enjoy looking at them when I can't see the real thing.

The rose is named after Graham Thomas, who was an English horticulturalist, artist, author, poet and garden designer. He received an OBE for his work with the National Trust and in 1983 rose breeder David Austin named this beautiful yellow rose after him. He died in 2003.

It's a very strong plant, it grows very tall and I have to prune it back hard every year. I have it next to the front door, so I see it and enjoy it every time I come in and out of my house. I hope you will enjoy the pictures too.

Carol's Comments
Thanks for sharing your lovely rose with us Lesley.

This David Austin English rose is a shrub rose that grows upright and bushy 6x4 feet. It is one of the more popular of the Austin roses, for good reason!

The fresh tea rose fragrance is especially nice. This rose does well in all climates except hot and dry.

More about The Graham Thomas Rose

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