Colorful Roses I can't identify

by Dan
(Lewiston, Idaho)

Hello rose lovers!

I have been in the landscaping/gardening business for over 15 years. One of my jobs was as the estate gardener for a large property, there were over 1,200 roses planted in the garden. I'm ashamed to say that I don't really know a whole lot about different rose types, and these are some colorful roses I can't identify.

I will have to say, one of my favorites is 'Santa Clause' - a miniature with beautiful red color and clean glossy foliage.


This beautiful, low maintenance rose grows at one of the properties that I take care of. I really enjoyed watching it grow last season. The colors are amazing! The blooms seemed to change colors as they mature - from a yellow/red to a pink/white/red. The foliage is also very colorful. No fertilizer or chemicals were added - no insects or leaf fungus bothered it.

It is growing in zone 6b and in we are semi-arid in the summer - low humidity and low rainfall.

What kind of rose is this?

Dan from

Carol's remarks
Thanks for sharing your favorite rose with us Dan,
This lovely Floribunda rose is called "Betty Boop" It is outstanding in the garden, and quite a favorite amoung gardeners!
The Betty Boop Rose
has that beautiful color change you speak of, and reblooms quickly. The new foliage is a purple/red color until it matures to green.
A great rose!

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