Carefree Wonder

by Samantha

Carefree Wonder Rose

Carefree Wonder Rose

This is the prettiest rose in my garden. I can pick a stem, and have a whole bouquet of roses. I love the color too. It came from a cutting I got from my Gramma. She had the original bush at her cottage.

Now every year when it starts to bloom, or every bouquet that I pick and put in the house I think of Gramma.
My kids call it "Great Gramma's Rose", even though they never knew her.

Gramma grew many roses in her garden, and actually had a real (rose garden). I remember how beautiful the roses were.
Once when I remarked how pretty they were, she presented me with the rooted cutting, and said "these were easy ones to grow". She called them pink shrub roses that were truley a carefree
wonder, hense the name.

I don't have a lot of luck growing roses, I actually only have three, but this one seems to flourish and keep blooming, even when I neglect it.

It doesn't have much fragrance, but it does set hips in the fall.
I think if anyone wants a carefree rose, this is it.

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