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Select the best yellow roses for your garden, and pair them up with pink or purple flowers for a bright, cheerful garden! Before deciding on which of the yellow rosebushes you should get for your garden, see the many pictures of roses that are yellow listed below.

yellow rosesYellow rose

The color yellow, is a warm, happy color, and a very popular color for roses. It is especially popular in wedding bouquets. Many Brides carry a bouquet of white, pink, or yellow colored roses.

If you want colors that get noticed from afar, try pairing  yellow rose bushes with dark red rosebushes. The two colors together,create a striking combination that will draw visitors into your garden like a magnet.

View these yellow rose photos, to get ideas for more Romantic gardens. For a soft, romantic effect, pair soft pastel yellows, with light pinks, whites, and mauve colored roses.

Scroll down to view yellow rose pictures, with growing information, of some of the best roses for your garden.

 Rose Bushes That are the Color Yellow

Easy Elegance Yellow Submarine

yellow submarine rose

Yellow Submarine is an easy-care shrub that snubs the notion that Roses are too fussy to fool with. Yellow Submarine offers disease and pest resistance without sacrificing fragrance and form. Its jaunty lemony blossoms fade to soft yellow, then white, providing an appealing spectrum of color all summer long. The glossy foliage is a medium green color, and the plant's habit is dense and bushy. Overall height and width will depend on the length of your growing season.

Hardiness Zone: 5-9 S / 5-10 W

It grows 2-4'

Yellow Simplicity Hedge Rose

yellow simplicity rose

These could be better than other yellow colored roses. Yellow Simplicity holds its sunny color from bud to finish. It has vigorous growth and abundant blooming that Simplicity roses are popular for.These yellow rose plant is an unbeatable landscaping rose! It grows 4'-5' H.

A nice cutting rose, it has12"-14" stems, with dark green foliage The blooms have a light,sweet fragrance. It grows to a height of 4 ft - 5 ft

Monkey Business Floribunda

monkey business rose

This sunny yellow Floribunda rose, has a sweet, candy-like fragrance. It produces an abundance of cherry flowers are certain to bring a smile to the face of any gardener. They are easy to grow, and will add a bright spot to your garden. 

Blooms 3.5"-4" Dark Green,Glossy foliage Blooms have a licorice,light fragrance

Grows to a height of 3 ft 6 in - 4 ft

Radient Perfume

radient perfume rose

These beautiful yellow rose plants has a  wonderful fresh scent and  sparkling color. They are long-stemmed roses, and great for cutting. They would be most welcome  in borders and bouquets. The bush is quite vigorous,and very becoming in the garden.

Height: 5 ft - 6 ft Dark Green foliage, with a Strong,Citrus fragrance

A very fragrant yellow rose, with an irresistible, strong citrus scent that's simply out of this world!

Yellow Ribbons Ground-Cover Rose

yellow ribbons rose

This rose glows! Watch  it light up the landscape with color that doesn't fade.

This yellow ground cover rose produces light yellow colored roses, with ovoid,pointed buds. The blooms are 2" across. Dark Green foliage Light,Fresh fragrance. 

It grows 12 in - 24 in

It will spread a bit of sunshine through your borders.

Southern Belle Grandiflora

southern belle rose

The high-centered buds turn into English-style cupped form flowers. It has a soft pastel color to the yellow rose flowers. The scent is of sweet fruit and spice. It is a favorite in cut bouquets. And its floribunda parentage assures you abundant blooms on a nicely rounded plant.

Yellow Ovoid,Pointed buds 18"-24" stems dark Green foliage

Spicy,Citrus fragrance

It grows to a height of 5 ft

Welcome Home

welcome home rose

The light yellow buds open with a surprise of peachy pink centers and mature to buttery blossoms. This rose is an exceptional performer in all climates. It received top ratings in test gardens around the country. It would make a memorable housewarming gift or plant it as a lovely flowering 'welcome home' to a veteran or new baby

Light Yellow blooms with Dark Green foliage Licorice fragrance  

Grows 5 ft - 6 ft

Golden Showers Climbing Rose

America's favorite yellow climber since 1957! Perfect, buttery-colored buds open to fragrant, high-centered blooms. Flowers continuously over mounds of glossy, dark green foliage.

More Yellow climbing roses

Carefree Sunshine

The Carefree Sunshine, produces clusters of deep golden yellow buds which open into single, 3-4" lemon-yellow blossoms. This vigorous, upright growing shrub blooms abundantly from June until October. It also exhibits disease resistant foliage.

Forty Hero's Rose

The Forty Hereo's Rose, sends up large clusters of deep yellow blossoms with each one opening to a beautifully formed flower that emanates a fresh, fruity fragrance. This rose is named in honor of the Forty Heroes from United flight 93.

Honey Perfume

Floribunda with apricot yellow flowers that mature to creamy white.

Strong spice scented blooms are 4" across with 30 petals.Glossy dark green foliage.

The bush grows 3-4' high

Modern Sunrise

Morden Sunrise Rose, produces creamy orange buds that open to strongly fragrant dark orange blooms that later mature to creamy yellow.  Flowers are produced from June to mid-September. This rose is low growing and  is useful as a hedge. It really makes a statement when planted en mass.

Sunny Yellow Knock-out

Sunny Knock Out produces abundant single 3 inch wide bright yellow colored roses with 5 to 6 petals. This rose is compact and bushy. It makes a nice rounded shrub that is resistant to black spot, powdery mildew and rust. It is even more disease resistant that its famous parent and grows to 3 foot high and wide. The flowers have no fragrance, but the petioles release a strong sweetbriar fragrance similar to Rainbow Knock Out. Sunny Knock Out is easy to grow and adapts to most conditions. It prefers slightly acidic soils. It thrives in very humid climates where other roses have disease problems and need spray maintenance.

Topaz Jewel

The Topaz Jewel Rose,  has recurrent blooming roses with branches that arch to the ground and are covered with 3" amber-yellow, fragrant flowers. The flowers are liberally produced in clusters of 5-10 and fall off naturally, leaving a clean looking plant.More about Topaz Jewel..

Honey Perfume Rose a wonderfully fragrant yellow rose!

Broadway Rose an extremely Fragrant Hybrid Tea

Seen enough Yellow Roses-view more colors of roses

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