Yellow Climbing Roses

yellow climbing roses

Yellow Climbing Roses, like Golden showers (pictured at left),add a ray of sunshine to your garden.

Looking to plant a yellow rosebush climber? Scroll down to find the best climbing rose that is yellow for your garden.

View one of the most abundantly blooming, non-fading yellow climbers ever! A yellow rose bush climber will bring a splash of bright color to your garden!

There are many varieties of climbing yellow roses, including some modern varieties, lovely Hybrid Teas, (with those long stems for cutting), David Austin English roses, and now the new

Scent from Above

yellow climbing rose scent from above

Scent from Above™ Climbing Rose One of the most abundantly blooming, non-fading yellow climbers,to grace your garden. Considered by some to be 'The' best climbing rose that is yellow.

Drenched in a licorice scent and a color that stays true, this rosebush climber has dark green foliage

Height: 8 ft - 10 ft

Climbing Roses with their long canes, can be trained to grow up posts, arbors, and walls,thus providing a vertical design element or a stunning backdrop for the rose garden. The color yellow blends well with other colors, so adding some yellow climbing roses, gives us a nice contrast, and bit of sunshine to our garden.

Learn more about Scent From Above Rose..

Golden Showers

yellow climbing rose golden showers

Marvelously fragrant drops of sunlight all summer long.

America's favorite yellow climber since 1957! Perfect, buttery-colored buds open to fragrant, high-centered yellow blooms. Flowers continuously over mounds of glossy, dark green foliage.

This yellow flowered climbing rose can grow to a height of 6 ft - 10 ft

They like sun, but they will tolerate some part shade

Where can you buy this rose?

Purchase this Rose, Climbing Golden Showers Here

Golden Showers' is one of a handful of climbing Roses good enough to win a seal of approval from the All-America Rose Selections. This is a vigorous growing rose that produces sprays of fragrant, double flowers in a warm Daffodil yellow, that will and soften to primrose. By deadheading the spent flowers, you encourage continued bloom, but you should stop removing the spent flowers late in the season to allow development of colorful hips to end the gardening year.

Golden showers is lovely growing with a deep purple, perennial Clematis Vine

Clematis are perfect companions to plant with yellow roses. The deep purple colored ones are striking when growing beside yellow roses. Purple flowers planted at the base of your climber would also look spectacular. View some purple different types of flowers to plant with your roses.

Mermaid rose

mermaid climbing yellow rose

This lovely climber has large, single blooms that are bright yellow with amber stamens.

Grows 10-16ft. Caution: The bush has very unusual thorns.

It has good repeat bloom

Lightly fragrant

Hardy zones 7-10.

more about Mermaid Rose

Graham Thomas

Golden yellow flowers are fully double and cupped with a deeper yellow in the heart of the flower. They have a medium fragrance. This English rose can be grown as a climber in warmer climates.

Skys The Limit

A butter-yellow colored rose with a sweet fruit fragrance. A very hardy rose growing 10-12' tall.

Lady Banks Yellow Climber

Beautiful yellow climber, perfect for Southern gardens. can grow over 30 feet! Beautiful!


The very early flowers are a rich orange/yellow bronze color.The large single flowers are cupped and have only 14 petals. They are once-bloomers  with very thorny canes.

Joesphs Coat Climbing rose

A beautiful rose with ever-changing colors of yellow, red and orange roses on the bush at the same time!

Grows 10-12'.

Climbing Gold Badge

Lemon yellow flowers have classic large-flower form. They actually make good cut-flowers. Vigorous grower.

Easleas Golden Rambler

Rich yellow flowers sometimes marked with red, are 4' across and bloom in clusters. The strongly fragrant flowers are double form with 35 petals. It grows 10-14 ft., is very hardy, (zones 4-9), but is a once-bloomer.

Breeze Hill

Blush apricot to creamy blush colored flowers borne in clusters.A hardy climber (zone 4-9) with a light apple scent. Blooms freely in Summer.

Bloomfield Dainty

The 5 petalled saucer-shaped flowers on these yellow climbing roses are a bright yellow that lighten with age. The dainty flowers have a musky fragrance. zone 5-9)

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