Yabba Dabba Do Rose

Colorful Ever-blooming Shrub Rose

Yabba Dabba Do RoseYabba Dabba Do

The Yabba Dabba Do rose is a very interesting rose that continues to produce exciting looking roses all season!

Once you see it growing in the garden, you'll instantly know why they gave it such a fun name!

The unique colored Yabba Dabba Do rose bears bright, orange/pink blooms with a lighter reverse. It has a broad, yellow eye in the center that makes the color contrast amazing!

The 3-4" flowers appear in large clusters all season. Actually, this is a very floriferous rose bush!

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Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Christian Bedard 2011 -Introduced in 2013 by Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower as 'Yabba Dabba Do'

Blooms  Bright coral pink color with a broad yellow eye and golden stamens

Foliage Medium size, semi-glossy foliage is a medium green color it is very disease resistant!

Fragrance Little to No fragrance

Growth Habits This rose bush becomes a very rounded, compact plant, that grows 2-3' tall and wide. It is a very vigorous grower

Hardy zones zones 4-10

rose yabba dabba do with lots of budslots of new buds!

The flowers on this beautiful shrub rose begin with long, pointed, elegant looking buds. They turn into huge clusters of very eye catching coral colored single flowers with a bright yellow eye. The blooms measure 3-4" across, and have 7-10 petals.

The clusters of roses keep coming in flushes all season.

This is a very disease resistant rose bush that is upright growing, and very bushy. It gets around 2-3' tall and wide.

The fun looking flowers just don't know when to stop! They will certainly attract traffic to themselves in the garden.

These shrub roses can be used in beds, borders, containers, or planted in your rose garden. For a wild and attractive effect, plant them in a mass group!

yabba dabba do rose bushIt's first season!

Note:The roses pictured above grow in my garden, and I must say, I am very pleased with it! I planted it this spring, and it has done well all season. While some of the other roses came down with various aliments including Black spot; Yabba Dabba do, had no problems what so ever! Once it started blooming, it just continued in flushes, and is still blooming today (September 9th) See the above picture with all the new buds?  And the colors are so pretty!

I must admit, when I saw it offered for sale, the name kind of threw me back, but I bought it anyway....Boy am I glad I did!

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