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wooden garden gatesWooden Garden Gate

Get ideas for Wooden Garden Gates, and also some Free garden gate plans, to build your own special garden gate.

A gate in your garden can do many things. A closable gate can keep the garden secure from children and pests, that might be troublesome in the garden. It can also add a bit of either elegance or whimsy to your garden, depending on your style.

A gate suggests that there is something worth seeing "on the other side".

A garden gate can be made of Many materials, and the possibilities are virtually endless. There are many things to consider before deciding on a gate:

  • Do you want a gate that will protect the garden from others viewing it, or do you want an open design to allow your garden visitor a "peek' at whats inside?

  • When wooden gates are attached to a fence, you need to also match the style, and the right size gate for the fence.
  • Latches and hinges can change the look of the gate.
  • The color can also make a statement in the garden.
  • If you will put the gate in the middle of an overhead Arbor, you again have to consider matching it up.
free garden gate plansDecorated Wooden Gate

If you are looking to add whimsy to your garden, then 'anything goes' when choosing a gate.

You can paint it bold colors, or make it out of some bizarre object, but if you want a traditional wooden gate that is functional as well as adding charm to your garden,find a style that is in keeping with the rest of the garden.

Let the gate 'hint' at the garden beyond, making visitors wanting to step inside, and explore the garden.

Here you will find the Free Garden Gate Plans for those of you handy Do-it-your-selfers. They are all Free, and ready for you to make. With a bit of imagination, you could vary the look of any of them by simply changing the colors,stains, latches etc.

Being made of wood, unless you want the weathered look, you will need to maintain your wooden garden gate with paint, or stain to prevent it from rotting.

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