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william baffin roseWilliam Baffin

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William Baffin, is one of the hardiest of the low maintenance roses. The deep strawberry pink blooms on this hardy shrub rose,are extremely cold-hardy.

This lovely shrub rose is extremely disease resistant, and extremely hardy (this is great for us who want hardy roses with little problems!)

It has little to no fragrance, but the plant is covered in blooms from Summer to fall.

This rose is one of the few climbing roses that is hardy without winter protection in zone 4 or colder!

This Canadian Explorer Rose, was developed in Ontario, Canada. If it can survive the brutal cold weather of canada, it can surely survive in YOUR garden!

A terric hardy and most useful rose for Northern gardens, it is very suitable for colder areas where most roses won't survive.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Dr. Felicitas Svedja (Canada) 1983

Blooms The blooms come in clusters of 30-plus. The color is a lovely deep strawberry pink, with just a touch of white in the center. Flowers are semi-double, measuring 2 1/2' Across, with brilliant yellow stamens.

Growth Habits Grows upright with a slightly arching habit 10-12'

Foliage Small size leaves are medium green, very glossy

Fragrance little to none(some report a mild fragrance)

Hardy Zone


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The Explorer Series of roses, are named after different Canadian historic explorers and figures. Their cold-hardiness is similar to Modern/Parkland roses. This one is named for the famous explorer who sought the Northwest Passage.

When you see this rose in bloom, you see clouds of eye-catching pink blooms covering the bush.

The blooms appear in large clusters  of up to 30 blooms all season. The pretty flowers have a flat bloom form.

This is a very vigorous rose, that is best grown as a climber, but can be used as a specimen shrub, ground cover rose or hedge. When used as a hedge, it will form an impenetrable one with arching stems of robust, healthy foliage and plenty of blooms.

It is very attractive grown on a pillar.

This rose is also very disease resistant!

Note: This rose (passed the test) in a ten year rose trial at Longwood Garden. (making it one fantastic rose)

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