Wild Bird House

Add a wild bird house or two to your garden. Birds are a wonderful part of nature. It is a joy to see them so close by when you are out in the garden.

If you want to attract more birds, give them shelter, and a place to nest and lay their eggs.

They are Very good Natural insect control for your garden.

Wild bird houseWild Bird House

A Wild Bird House that you purchase, can be quite different, and add to the garden.They can be very decorative in the garden, as well as being home to the delicate little birds.

If you have certain birds that you would like to attract to your garden, you must get the right kind of house, for their nesting habits.

The list below, will give you  ideas for some of the more common birds that you might want in your garden.

Blue Birds

blue bird on fence

These are my favorites. I have Bluebirds that come back every year to nest. The blue color is striking! I started with one pair one Spring, and now we have them every year.  I put out meal worms for them every spring. Bluebirds love meal worms.I simply nailed a clean can (small tuna fish can) to the top of their nest box, and each morning we put some live meal worms in it. They love them!

Tips to Build Wild Bird House for Blue Birds

Build Bird House

A bluebird house, is usually a wooden bird house. If you build your own Bluebird House, you should use wood that is at least 3/4" thick. Avoid pressure treated wood. You can paint or stain the outside of the birds house, but leave the inside untreated.

Perches are NOT necessary! In fact, they only facilitate predators.

When mounting the house, face it away from prevailing winds, with the entrance hole about 5 ft. from the ground.

Purple Martins

purple martin house

12-Room Convertible Martin House These beautiful violet/black colored birds prefer to live in colonies. They are rather friendly, and actually like being around people.

Their diet is mostly insects, of which they can eat 1000's of each day! This makes the Purple Martin a very desirable bird to have in your garden! Purple Martin bird houses are very attractive in your garden.

purple martin bird house

Purple martin bird houses, must be on a pole, NOT hung from a tree. In fact, there should not be any trees within 60 ft. of the house.

The recommended height is from 12-20 feet.

A Pole Guard is needed to keep away racoons, snakes, and squirrels.

Do not plant shrubs or vines, on or near the pole! Wood, aluminum, natural gourds and heavy plastics,all make suitable Purple Martin Houses

Plans to Build Your Own..

Build them yourself if you're so inclined...

bird house plans
Click Here for plans for building 15 of the most popular backyard birds!!

Some Helpful Books on  Back Yard Birds


humming bird and flowers

Hummingbirds prefer to make their own nest from natural materials. They do not usually nest in any 'man-made' nesting house.

Be sure to supply them with the types of flowers they like and ensure your garden is Humming Bird friendly, and they will happily stay around your garden.

Screech Owl Nest Box

screech owl nest box

I've been learning about owls and have concluded that if I could get them to nest close to the garden (maybe the edge of the yard), they would help control the mole & vole problem I am having!

It's worth a try!

More Books on backyard wild birds!

Discover which species are in your neck of the woods, and learn how to attract them, their nesting habits,and how to keep them happy, cozy, and nesting in your garden.

In return, they will help themselves to many, many meals of those BAD bugs, lurking in your garden!

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Besides a Wild bird House, Birds need Bird Baths

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