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White Garden Roses

Do you like White Roses? Traditionally used in wedding bouquets, they can be stunning when planted in your garden. A white colored garden rose will blend well with all other roses and flowers.

white rosesWhite Rose

Roses in white are available in all types, from Hybrid Tea roses, like John F. Kennedy, to the free-flowering Floribunda's. You'll find those such as the ever popular Iceberg, to some very impressive climbing roses.

Many a bride will choose white for the color of her bridal bouquet. The white rose symbolizes 'Young Love, and New Beginnings', making them the appropriate choice for this occasion.

The following pictures of white rose bushes, are meant to give you some good choices for your garden. I hope you will find the information about them helpful when choosing roses to plant in  your garden. 

Do you know the Meaning of White Roses?

White Roses Pictures and Information

Blossom Blanket

This low-growing rose is like a quilt of blossoms. It quickly covers the ground and even beets out weeds to do it!

20-25 white petals with yellow centers. Clusters of delicate looking flowers that have a light, sweet fragrance. Dark green foliage

It grows 3' high by 5' wide

Easter Basket

easter basket rose

This Floribunda has light pastel colors, sort of like an Easter basket. Roses are white/ yellow with a hint of pink on the edges.

Flowers are medium double, that appear in clusters.The ruffled blooms come in flushes all season.

Plant is very disease resistant. Deadhead to encourage re-bloom.

hardy zones 6-9

Fair Bianca

fair bianca rose

This was David Austin's first white rose. He named it for a character in Shake spear's play 'The Taming of the Shrew'

It makes a lovely hedge, or border planting. It is vigorous, and upright 3x2ft.

The pure white blooms have a hint of cream, and open in a saucer shape.

Fragrance is intense, old-garden rose fragrance, that you can smell 20 ft. away. Mass plantings are spectacular!

This one is on my list for spring planting!

Full Sail  Hybrid Tea

Billowy white blooms that are intensely fragrant. 

Blooms are 4-5" across with 30-35 petals

Tough, disease resistant, shiny dark green foliage

 Grows 4-5'

Gourmet Popcorn

gourmet popcorn rose

This miniature rose has plenty of blooms that appear in cascading clusters.

the bush grows upright, and bushy 18-24".

The pure white flowers have yellow centers, that make you think of a bowl of popcorn!

Only a slight fragrance.


iceberg rose

A legendary, low-maintenance performer that covers itself in large, pure-white double flowers the entire summer in any climate! A mounding profile and versatile color make this own-root rose an ideal partner for blooms of every hue.

Light Green foliage Strong,Honey fragrance

Grows to a Height of 3 ft Learn more about the Iceberg Rose


Clear,pure white blooms cover the mounding bush like a blanket. Flowers are produced in dense masses, allseason. 1 1/2" flowers have 25 petals. Very disease resistant; one of the most reliable roses! This will make a show stopping hedge!

Grows 2 1/2- 3 1/2'.

Hardy to zone 5

John F. Kennedy

john f kennedy rose

John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea Rose

The grand bush, the flourishing fragrance, and perfectly sculpted petals of these white roses, create an effect of timeless grace, paying tribute to a beloved president. Undaunted by hot summers, this unforgettable white garden rose blends effortless with every hue, adding refreshing coolness to your landscape. They are very beautiful, scented climbing roses.

Height: 3 ft - 4 ft Strong,Fruity fragrance

Katharine Zeimet

Small, full, clustered flowered rose with 26-40 petals

white roses are continuous blooming

Bush is short, bushy, upright growing 1-2' with a width of 2'

Hardy, vigorous, zone 6b and warmer.

Lady Liberty

lady liberty rose

Large flowered Hybrid Tea. Flowers have 35 petals, and are born mostly solitary in small clusters.

High-centered bloom form Blooms in flushes all season.

Foliage is med- semi-glossy Hardy zones 6-9

Nice cut flowers. Used for Exhibition

Macys Pride

macys pride rose

Shrub rose, with a mild fragrance.

Double bloom form flowers. Lemon yellow buds open to creamy white, and age gracefully with a hint of pink.

medium green foliage.

very disease and black-spot resistant

hardy zones 4-7

Named in honor of the 100th anniversary of Macy's Department store.

Maria Shriver   Grandiflora

Very fragrant, large, fully double, pure white flowers are 4-6" across

Dark green foliage

Grows 4-5'

Mermaid Antique Climber

mermaid rose

This vigorous classic climber, first introduced in 1918, is spangled with large, single yellow blooms opening to white. Abundant flowers scramble up walls and trees in spring, then through summer into fall. The glossy foliage stays healthy even in humid summers! For a fast-growing garden passageway, let Mermaid ramble on your arbors and arches.

Height: 10 ft - 15 ft

Light,Honey fragrance

Moondance Floribunda

moondance rose

This double award winner is even more vigorously blooming and fragrant than its famous parent, Iceberg. More beautiful, too!

Moondance illuminates the garden with larger clusters of bigger, more densely petaled blooms filled with a sweet raspberry essence. A remarkably trouble-free, mildew-resistant plant. Creamy white.

Zones 5-10 / Height: 5

Moderate,Sweet fragrance

Polar Star

polar star rose

Large flowered hybrid tea. has high centered bloom form. Tall well branched bush with dark green matte foliage. bush grows 3-4ft., and is very vigorous.

None to mild fragrance.

This rose was the first Hybrid Tea to win the Royal National Rose Society's "Rose of the Year Award"

Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea

pope john paul rose

Among the finest white roses ever, the Pope John Paul II rose produces the purest, most luminous white rose flower, lavishly petaled blossoms with a delightful, fresh citrus fragrance. This exceptional hybrid tea has received top ratings for its delightful fragrance, vigorous growth, superior disease resistance, and perfect bloom form.

Height: 4 ft - 5ft.

10% of net sales donated to the poor of sub-Saharan Africa. (More than $121,751 donated to date).

Sally Holmes Climbing Rose

Sally Holmes climbing rose

The 'perfect' rose! Nearly thornless it has 3 1/2" flowers.

Will grow 6' high by 5' wide as a billowing shrub, or let it climb to around 12'.

Strong fragrance.

Hardy zones 5-9

Purchase this rose 'Sally Holmes HERE from Jackson & Perkins

Secret's Out  Hybrid Tea

Pure white, high centered blooms

Disease resistant, hardy, generous with it's blooms!

Grows 3 1/2- 4'

Strong Spicy fragrance

Sheer Bliss

sheer bliss rose

This Hybrid Tea rose bears white flowers with a pink center. Flowers are exhibition form.

Bush is upright, medium, and bushy 5-6ft.

Medium green matte foliage

Moderate, spicy fragrance

Prized for its use in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Does well in all climates

Sombreuil Antique Climber

sombreuil rose

Clusters of white, double ruffled flowers shine in the dark and are drenched with tea rose perfume. Remarkably easy to train on pillars and trellises, or to let wander along a picket fence.

The dark Green foliage, and Strong,Tea Rose fragrance, makes Sombreuil, a lovely addition to your rose garden.

Height: 8 ft - 12 ft

Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea

Pure white, classic blooms are intensely fragrant

Grows 4 1/2-6'

Superior disease resistance

Long stems for cutting

Sweet Freedom Hybrid Tea

sweet freedom rose

Prized by florists for their hint of green on outer bud petals, these blooms spiral open to classically formed, strongly sweet-scented, ivory flowers.

This plant is exceptionally resistant to mildew and rust.

Strong,Honeysuckle fragrance

Height: 5 ft

More White Garden Rose Choices

Florence Nightingale Floribunda

Rediscover the gentle beauty and charm of grandmother's garden with this splendid heavy-blooming container rose.

Giant bouquets of 3 to 7 blooms arise on every flowering stem, gradually opening fully to reveal their frilly primrose centers. Banked with disease-resistant dark green foliage, these ruffled blooms cover the rounded, spreading shrub all season long.

Damask,Light fragrance Dark Green foliage

Height: 3 ft

Wedding Dress Ground Cover rose

wedding dress ground cover rose

This low growing rose has 2 1/2" blooms have just a touch of pink.

Spicy fragrance. Glossy,dark green foliage. Grows 2 1/2 x 3' wide.

Great in the garden or container!

hardy zones 5-9

Winchester Cathedral

This is the prolific white-flowered version of the world-famous English rose called; Mary Rose. It has a slightly arching habit, with a long flowering season, and a fragrance that is especially strong in warm climates. From British rosarian David Austin, they are English Roses  with the repeat-blooming character of modern Roses. These make excellent cut flowers.

White Simplicity Hedge rose

These white roses make a great way to light up your landscape. White Simplicity rose seems to glow day and night. The satiny blooms reveal a touch of gold in their centers when fully open. This hedge rose grows 4'-5' H.

Light Green foliage Blooms have a Light,Sweet fragrance

Available from Jackson & Perkins

If you have time in the evening to enjoy your garden, you should plant some white roses, they almost glow in the dark!

As beautiful as your garden is by day, a very magical effect takes place at dusk. When you plant the right colors.....White, pink, or any of the lighter pastel colors; come to life 'after dark'.

Imagine a night time stroll down the garden path, with the intoxicating scent of roses, and the stunning brilliance of the magnificent blooms. (maybe the sound of running water,) if you have any type of Outdoor water feature, or fountain.

Seen enough White Roses try more colors of roses here

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