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Symbolic Meaning of Roses

white rose

White Rose Meaning or Rose Symbolism for white roses, can mean different things.

It can symbolize purity and innocence, as with marriage, or be a symbol of spiritual love and remembrance in death.

Typically a white rose stands for Purity, Innocence, and Virtue associated with marriage and new beginnings.

A white rose also stands for a symbol of honor and reverence.

Often an arrangement of white rose flowers are used at funerals as a symbol of remembrance.

The rose symbolism of a pristine white rose, is that of purity and innocence, as would be a virgin bride wearing a white dress, and carrying a bouquet of white roses to symbolize her purity and innocence.

The 'Bridal Rose', is the traditional white rose bouquet, carried by many a bride. It quite often consists of only white colored roses and other white flowers.

This white only bouquet represents purity, unity and virtue. It is also a symbol for young love, which associates it to new love, and marriage.

A young brides unspoiled and untarnished innocence.

white bridal bouquet

Some religions such as Catholics require a baby be baptized wearing white clothing; the next step in the religion is; First Communion, which also requires wearing white clothing.... This is because they associate the color white, as being pure and clean, so all stages of this religion require the wearing of white clothing- Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Marriage.

Often white roses are used in flowers for a funeral. When used in a funeral arrangement, a white rose can mean;

Remembrance Because white roses have ties to heaven,spiritual love, and respect.

Another meaning of a white colored rose is Everlasting, or Eternal Love

This is love that is sustained not so much by passion as the red rose, but by loyalty, humility, and reverence.

So when it comes to the symbolic meaning of roses, white ones can symbolize new beginnings and unity as with marriages, or they can be a sign of farewell of a loved one in a funeral arrangement.

This 'Rose Meaning', comes full circle to mean both beginning and ending.

White Rose Meaning

Below is a summary of what the white rose symbolizes:

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Virtue
  • Remembrance - Farewell
  • Honor
  • Eternal Love
  • New Beginning and Unity

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