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Orange Colored Shrub Roses

what a peach roseWhat a Peach

What a Peach rose, is a very attractive, peachy, orange colored shrub rose.

These orange colored shrub roses do very well in all types of landscape uses, as well as in the garden.

Orange buds open to a pretty apricot blend rose flower.

The blooms are a light orange (peach/apricot) color, and are loosely formed, opening to show golden centers, and gold stamens in the center of the pretty flowers. The flowers tend to hold their color well.

The flowers appear in clusters, making for a very lovely rosebush. The blooms are small in size, but there are lots of them.

Type  Shrub

Hybridizer  Christopher H Warner (United Kingdom) 2001

Blooms   Orange/apricot color flowers are 3"across with 25-30 petals

Foliage  Medium size foliage, is Medium green color, and glossy

Growth Habits  Vigorous growing, Grows Upright, Very Bushy

Fragrance  Moderate, Fruity Fragrance

Hardy Zones  6 and warmer

This Shrub rose 'What a Peach', grows vigorously 4 and a half to 6 feet tall. It is an upright growing rosebush that tends to bush out well, making for a nice full bush.

The name most likely came from the peachy color.

The new growth is red in color, and very attractive with the blooms.

The clusters of blooms are very soft looking, and especially nice when planted near a blue or purple colored plant.

This rose blooms in flushes all season.

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