Westerland Rose

Repeat Blooming Floribunda Roses

westerland roseWesterland Rose

The Westerland rose bears large clusters of bright orange/apricot colored roses, repeatedly all season.

The sweetly scented, most beautiful roses are a very unique color; A sort of blend of; crimson, orange, amber, vermillion, pink, yellow, and apricot.

The very centers are yellow and show off bronze colored stamens when fully open. The blooms begin with darker buds, and open flowers are set off nicely by the beautiful foliage. Each rose has 18-25 petals.

The large, semi-double rose flowers on the Westerland rose have wavy petals, and appear in large, loose clusters of 5-10.

Type Floribunda Shrub rose

Hybridizer W. Kordes (Germany) 1969

Blooms Semi-double ruffled, cupped; color is apricot/pink with hints of other colors (apricot blend)

Foliage Large size, soft, dark green foliage

Growth Habit Upright growing, vigorous, Tall

Fragrance Strong, fruity scent

Awards ADR 1974

Hardy Zones Hardy zones 5-10

The beautiful, ruffled petals on this rose have slightly serrated edges. The flowers are a little more than 4" across, and have a strong fragrance of spice and rose.

Classified as a modern cluster flowered Floribunda, this rose is considered the best, and most beautiful rose to use as a repeat-blooming climber or pillar rose.

It grows tall, and spreading, and can reach up to 14' in only a few seasons in warm climates.

It is well branched  and fairly thorny.

Westerland blooms in flushes that last a long time, so it is rarely without blooms.

The flowers start early in the season, and repeat well into the fall.

More about the Westerland Rose..

This Floribunda was first grown as a shrub rose in Germany, and got the ADR award 5 years after it was introduced.

In warmer areas it is grown as a climber, because it grows much taller.

It has since been one of the most popular roses, and is widely grown.

The perfumed blooms are large, cupped, and loosely double. They are produced abundantly with excellent repeat all season.

This is a vigorous growing rose that can be used either as a shrub rose or climber.

It looks especially nice when purple leaved plants grow beside it. The color of the roses blend well with yellow or orange colored perennials as well.

The above picture (top of page) is from a rose that grows in my garden. I must admit that Westerland is one of my favorite roses in the garden! I simply love the unique color of this rose.

Mine has a pleasant scent, but not really 'strong'.

The buds appear a deeper shade of reddish/orange, but when the blooms open, they are that beautiful apricot/orange.

I keep them dead headed for the best repeat of blooms.


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