Weigela Shrub

Also called the Cardinal Shrub

weigela shrub red

The Weigela Shrub also known as the Cardinal Shrub, produces masses of trumpet shaped flowers in colors ranging from pink, Ruby Red, white, and rose.

This deciduous shrub is a relative of the Honeysuckle. The pictures on this page of the red weigela, Weigela, Pink, and variegated weigela, are all from my garden.

They produce masses of beautiful flowers each year, adding color to my garden, just as the roses are coming into bloom.

Cardinal Shrub Facts

Type Deciduous Shrub

Flowers Trumpet shaped in colors of red, white, pink, or rose

Soil Preference Prefers well-drained loamy, sandy or clay soil. It does tolerate some drought Likes a ph of around 6.8-7

Likes full sun

Hardiness Hardy zones 4-8

Give this shrub a few years to grow, and you will be amazed at the profusion of flowers it produces! And if the beautiful flowers aren't reward enough for growing this spectacular shrub, they also attract butterflies and hummingbirds like a magnet.

cardinal shrub pink

The Cardinal Shrub is a most interesting Shrub. It grows upright with arching branches. Most are fast growing, and add season long color (flowers and branches) for a high impact display in the garden.

May be used as an accent plant, or a dramatic mass planting. This trouble-free shrub has attractive stems that can be used in floral bouquets. They are in great demand by florists to use in their arrangements.

cardinal shrub white

The beautiful foliage can be green, purple, yellow-tinged,nearly black, or variegated.

The shrubs are available in different sizes also. Some bloom once, others have a second season of bloom, and also those that continue to bloom from June-Sept. Sizes range from those that are as small as 18 inches, to very large shrubs that can reach 10 feet tall and wide.


should be done right after flowering. Prune to shape the shrub , cutting off as much as 1/3 if needed. Note: trimming too late will affect the flowers for next year!

weigela shrub variegated

The Weigela Shrub can grow very fast! The ones in my garden are but a few years old. When I planted them, they looked like nothing more than little sticks, but in no time, they are truly amazing!

This Variegated Weigela is one of my favorites. Not only does it have masses of those lovely pink flowers, but the green and white leaves are pretty all season. I recommend this shrub to anyone looking for a hardy, trouble-free shrub that produces lots of beautiful flowers each year. (Just be careful where you plant it) It needs lots of room to grow into that spectacular shrub!

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