Weeping Cherry Tree

One of the most beautiful landscaping Trees

weeping cherry treeWeeping Cherry Tree

The Weeping Cherry Tree, Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree, is one of the most beautiful landscaping trees for your yard or garden. Prunis Subhirtella Var. Pendula These hardy trees are one of the most sought after ornamental trees in landscaping, for good reason. A tree in full bloom is breath-taking. The beautiful cascading branches are lovely in a formal garden, or your yard. Popular in Japan, and in a Japanese Garden.

The tree is adaptable to various climate and soil types. Hardiness zone for this tree is zones 5-9.

The arching branches, covered in white or pink blossoms in early Spring, weep down to the ground with a delicate beauty. A mature tree in bloom is a sight to be-hold.

It can grow 20-30 feet with a spread of about the same width. If planting more than one, make sure you space them at least 20 feet apart. These beautiful graceful trees can live 70 years or more.

Another common Cherry tree with a weeping effect if the Snow Fountain Cherry. This one has white blossoms, and doesn't grow nearly as big as the pink varieties.

Weeping Cherry Tree Care

Caring for Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

japanese cherry blossoms

Newly planted trees need plenty of water, at planting time and throughout the growing season. To ensure beautiful blooms, keep your weeping cherry blossom tree well watered. A layer of mulch, applied beneath the tree at planting time is beneficial to keep the roots moist.

These flowering cherry trees grows best in a sunny spot. A spot that is a bit wet works well for these cherry blossom trees.


Pruning should start while the tree is young to maintain it's shape. Trim branches that grow to long (branches should not touch the ground.) Any suckers that grow should be removed. Pruning is best done in the Fall.


You should fertilize in Spring with an organic fertilizer. Even if you don't fertilize, these ornamental trees, will still give you the most beautiful blooms.


When you mulch these ornamental trees (or any trees), 3-4 inches of mulch around the base of the tree is plenty. Don't pile mulch so high around your tree, that the roots can't breath, and eventually die!


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