Voodoo Rose

Orange Blend Hybrid Tea Roses

The Voodoo rose performs like magic in your garden. Turning urn shaped bright yellow buds into yellow flowers washed in peach, and then bright scarlet.

There is no hocus pocus about the performance of these excellent Hybrid Tea roses! The Voodoo rose is an exceptionally disease resistant, and healthy growing rose bush.

Voodoo Rose

The multi-colored, unique roses are large (5-6") across, and are exhibition form and shape.

It's hard to say what color they are exactly because they are ever changing. But the best description would be; peach, yellow, apricot, salmon and red. (Orange Blend)

A bush in full bloom is quite stunning, as you view blooms in all stages of the color change.

More about the Voodoo Rose..

Type  Hybrid Tea rose

Hybridizer Jack E. Christensen 1984 (United States)

Blooms   Orange Blend  Large size blooms are 5-6" across

Foliage Dark green, leathery, glossy foliage

Fragrance  Moderate, sweet, Fruity

Growth Habits  Vigorous, Upright growing 5' tall by 3' wide

Hardy Zones zones 7 and warmer

This is a vigorous, and disease resistant rose bush that grows tall and upright, and is well branched.

It even stands up well in tough weather.

It did amazingly well in the trial gardens the first year it was grown. The gardeners tending it said it was very healthy and clean with no diseased leaves or problems. (They called it 'Mister Clean'.)

It has stood the test of time, and is still a popular Hybrid tea rose that is still widely grown and sought after in American gardens today. (Some 30 years later)

Note; This rose can be hard to find, so if you locate one don't wait, they sell out fast!

It is very free flowering, giving you lots of beautiful and magnificent blooms all season. It blooms in flushes throughout the growing season.

It doesn't just beautify your garden, the 'Voodoo' rose produces stunning roses for the vase. The blooms are long lasting, fragrant and so...pretty! If you like cutting roses and are in the right climate to grow these, they are a cut flower lover's dream!

Comments from Readers:

Sally from Ohio writes;

This is my favorite rose! The picture does not do it justice! The scent is heavenly and the flowers are huge.


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