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vinyl trellis

A vinyl trellis is a sturdy garden structure that is very durable, and made to last. These type of garden trellises are made of durable high grade PVC with vinyl construction.

You can be sure that a trellis made of vinyl is maintenance free.

This trellis will last a very long time. The sturdy vinyl never needs painting or staining as with products that are made from wood.

A trellis will support your plants, and protect your privacy.

They allow you to effectively shape the landscape, creating focal points, and if desired, limit views.

Add Some Beauty to your Landscape with a  Vinyl Trellis

A trellis made of long-lasting vinyl will serve this purpose while adding beauty to your walls and landscape.

You'll find lots of trellis designs, in many sizes and shapes, heights, widths, and designs, to meet all your gardening needs.

You'll find everything from elaborate designs, to ones with attached planter boxes, and even some very simple ones.

Even a simple lattice trellis with its grid-like pattern is a perfect support structure for climbing roses.

Fan type trellises making tying the canes more horizontal easy!

~You'll get lots more flowers

from roses that are made

to grow more horizontal!~

Your rose plants will flourish!

Red Roses are especially beautiful on a white trellis.

So if you need something for your roses and flowers to grow on......

  • You can add an elegant look to your garden while defining space, and creating privacy.
  • Add the beauty and scent of flowers for the finishing touch.
  • Showcase your climbing plants and roses
  • Enhance your garden

Garden Trellis Made of Vinyl...

  • Won't Fade
  • Can't Peel
  • Won't Rust
  • Is Impervious to Inclement Weather
  • Are Made to Last
  • Never need painting or staining
  • Remain beautiful for a long time

Choose one to compliment your garden scheme!



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