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Have a magical party in your garden!

victorian tea party

Victorian Tea Party ideas! Looking for new party ideas? Tired of the same ole thing? Why not host a Tea Party in your garden?

Young and old alike,could have a really special garden party, if you follow these tips.

How it all Began...

In the days of yesteryear, the only place a lady was permitted to socialize unescorted, was in her rose garden. So it was... the ladies would gather together and share the gossips of the times. The Victorian tea party was born!

Women would dazzle each other with beautiful tea gowns and garb. They wore elaborate bonnets adorned with roses, and embellished with ribbons. During this Victorian Era, afternoon tea became very popular. Tea rooms were decorated with roses abound. Wallpapers and fabrics of that era include magnificent rose themes.

Back in the day, gardens were as important to the ladies as they are now, and they were perfectly comfortable enjoying their tea right in the garden.

Have a Tea or Garden Party for any Age

garden tea party

Tips to Creating a Great Victorian Tea party:

You can have a garden party in honor of a birthday, new arrival, wedding, shower, retirement, or graduation, to name a few! Or just have a party because you want to show off your garden and Have some fun!

Choose a day when you know the roses will be at their best. (or at least lots of blooms)

Tips for a Great Party!

~  Make invitations on pretty note cards or stationary.~

Get creative.. Add a little decorative bow to the invitation, or some of your own dried flowers.

Sample Invitation

You are cordially invited to a Victorian Tea Party

Saturday July 25, 2010

at the home of Cindy Taylor

24 Blake St.

Please respond to Cindy 123-456-7890

"Please wear Victorian Dress"

(You could also include a rain date.) You are free to Copy this lovely Victorian Invitation
People love to dress-up and pretend as much as children do! (Think of Halloween) It gives us an excuse to pretend to be something (or) somebody we're not.

A Victorian Tea party can be Fun as well as Elegant.

garden tea party pot

 ~Traditionally you would use your best bone china or Silver Tea service.~

The 'Ladies' after all, were very elegant, they showed off their finest possessions, as well as their gardens.

~ The table should be decorated with an elegant cloth, or linen.~ Classic white, or cream colored lace would do nicely. And don't forget the cloth napkins.

  ~A floral centerpiece, made with real flowers (don't forget to add a rose or two)

~The Food Courses should consist of Scones, sandwiches,salted nuts, or crystallized fruits,small cakes, and sweets. Make the sandwiches special--Cut the crusts off the bread, or use a cookie cutter to cut the bread into shapes. Women of the day, ate very lightly, little bites of this and that! 6.* If you have punch or something cold to drink along with your tea, make it special.

Make some pretty ice cubes to add to the punch. Put a johnny jump-up flower face up in the bottom of each square of the ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze. Float the cubes in the punch bowl.
Look here for Great Tea Party Recipes

Victorian Wardrobe

victorian lady

~Whats a girl to wear??~

A long dress of course! With a big hat,adorned with flowers or feathers. Lots of beads around your neck, or if you have one, one of those pretty cameos!

Boas can be fun, and easy to find. (look in the kids section of dress-up) They come in all colors.

White gloves would be a nice touch, or a fan, to help you cool off.(these should be in the kids section of a department store also) You could even go so far as to put your hair up.(look on the internet for pictures of Victorian women for ideas) Use one of the beautiful hair combs, and some babies breath tucked in too!

Shoes? Don't worry about the right shoes, (with your long dress, no one will know whats on your feet!!
I guarantee you (and your guests) will have more fun than you can imagine! I hope someone brings a camera...


Party favors. All your guests should receive a party favor for a remembrance.

Favor Ideas;

Gift bags of assorted teas

Set of pretty note cards

Make a small recipe booklet of the treats you served

Tea cup with saucer- fill with a sachet or some tea bags

Click here to learn how to make a Rose Sachet

Try this recipe for Rose Hip Tea, at your Victorian Tea Party
This recipe for Rose Petal Drop Scones is sure to be a hit at your Victorian tea Party!

Also check out these tea party recipes, using roses from your garden.

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More Ideas on How to Dress for the Party

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