Veilchenblau Rose

Multiflora Rambling Roses

The Veilchenblau rose, is a once-blooming Multiflora Rambler rose that bears violet purple and white blooms.

The generous cluster of flowers open reddish purple, then lose their red tints, and turn a dark violet blue before changing to delicate shades of mauve, and lilac.

The violet color is streaked with white, and has a white center, with golden stamens. In the hot sun, they get bleached out to a very pale color.

This rose 'Veilchenblau' does well when grown in light shade. Because the flowers are long lasting on the plant, you will get many different hues present at one time.

The open clusters have 10-30 flowers, and are followed by small orange hips in the fall.

The flowers on this once blooming rose bush, are small, semi-double, and incurved to show those golden stamens.

Most of the flowers have broad white streaks in them that go from the white center, to the tips of the petals.

This is a very popular Rambler rose that blooms in large clusters. The violet flowers have an especially nice scent. It is a fruity fragrance, of apples.

This old Rambler blooms only once a year, and its thick stems, are nearly thornless. It is an early, once blooming rose bush.

More about the Veilchenblau rose..

Type Multiflora Rambler Rose

Hybridizer Schmidt (Germany) 1909

Growth Habits Vigorous grows upright, tall 10-15ft.

Blooms Violet colored flowers are streaked with white... The flowers are almost 1 1/4” across 17-20 petals

Foliage Large, light green glossy pointed foliage, with few prickles

Fragrance moderate, apple fragrance

Awards Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993,

Hardy zone zones 5-9

‘Veilchenblau’ is a vigorous growing rose that is quite popular in landscape plantings because of its wonderful color.

When it was introduced in 1909, it was expected to be the first (blue rose), but it disappointed many. It is also known as “Blue Veil”, Violet Blue”, Blue Rambler”, and ‘Rosalie”. It may be the most (blue) of any rose.

It might not be (blue), but it is a magnificent purple rose!

It starts easy from cuttings, and has been used as an under stock, for many roses. It is the best known, and most widely planted of the purple colored Ramblers. It grows well in both cold and heat, and tolerates some shade.

To show off the Veilchenblau rose to its best, do not plant in on a gray wall, where the color will be lost.

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