Valentine Day Crafts

Rose Petal Potpourri Lighted Jar

Making Valentine Day Crafts? I wanted to make something with my rose petals, and something with hearts for Valentines Day, so here's what I came up with...

 I made this lighted jar from the potpourri of my own saved rose petals.

It was so easy to do...

Valentine Day Potpourri Jar crafts

What you will need:

  • A Large Jar (I used a large Mason canning jar)
  • Some ready made rose petal potpourri (or any potpourri of your choice)
  • A can of Pink spray Paint
  • A Decorative Ribbon
  • A Piece of Duct Tape (for the Heart)
  • A string of small lights (I used tiny Christmas lights)
20 Light White Wire Clear Miniature Christmas Light Set
items for making potpourri jar

Instructions to Make Valentine Day Crafts

  1. The first step was to Paint the jar. Before painting, I cut (2) heart shapes out of a piece of Duct tape.
  2. Then I stuck them on either side of the Jar.
  3. Next I (lightly) sprayed the jar with paint. Spray in small bursts so the paint doesn't run. You can do a real light coat or spray more for a deeper color.
  4. Let the paint dry

painting mason jar for craft

5. When fully dry, peal off the Duct tape.

6. Next plug in your lights, and starting with the end of the light string, begin stuffing them in the jar, add a handful of potpourri, then more of the lights, then more potpourri, continuing until all the lights are within the jar.

7.Tie a Ribbon around the top of the jar.

lighted potpourri jar

You can get as creative as you want with this!

  • Add some glitter
  • hot glue beads around the rim of the jar
  • Make the hearts bigger, or make (more) smaller ones
  • Put a piece of lace on the top of the jar, then tie the ribbon around the rim to hold it in place

The warmth of the lights makes the potpourri smell heavenly!

I put mine in the Bathroom, so when I'm soaking in the tub, I light it up and enjoy the delicious smell of roses!

Try making your own Valentine Day Crafts, and if you do, please share your results with us!


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