Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Tips on Having an Outdoor Wedding

These unique outdoor wedding ideas were shared by Stan (US)

unique outdoor wedding ideas

When it comes to an outdoor wedding story and ideas for a wonderful and memorable occasion like this, ours seems like it just happened yesterday.

 Although over a decade has passed, my wife and I walk down wedding memory lane together often. The pictures and wedding videos show the magic of the day, but they don't show the muscle the day required in order to pull it off.

Here are a few ideas to think about should you be considering an outdoor wedding.

1: Fill the air with trumpet blasts that can be heard as people are showing up for the wedding. There is something so inviting about trumpets blaring in an outdoor setting (Yes, you can buy wedding music that has all this}.

 2. Have a heavy enough isle runner to prevent blowing in the wind (we made this mistake).

 3. Some doing an outdoor wedding have used a horse and carriage to bring in the bride. The sound of horse hooves blending with trumpet music adds a taste of Camelot to the celebration.

 4. Get a great DJ to do your music. Not only will the DJ provide the music, they often bring their speaker systems with them which you can use in the ceremony. Our DJ was incredible and a gift to our outdoor wedding.

If we had it to do all over again, would we have an inside wedding instead?

 Not a chance!

 An outdoor wedding is so festive, and you lose some of the staunch and stuffiness an indoor ceremony can have. Give yours fanfare and you'll look back on it with joy for years to come.

waiting for the outdoor wedding

More Unique Outdoor Wedding Ideas

confetti outdoor wedding

Rose Petal Confetti

Shared by Mike (UK)

Rose petals make great confetti, and are very easy to dry. We make lots and lots for our wedding last summer, just from roses in the garden, but then we have lots of roses!


To make rose petal confetti simply gather lots and lots of rose flowers - ones with a deep color tend to work best and those with a dense head of petals mean you need fewer flowers. Very pale petals can discolor slightly and may go slightly brown as they dry.

 Take the flower heads and strip the petals from them, discarding damaged or browning petals. Spread them out on a rack, such as a baking rack and place them over a radiator or in the airing cupboard. Avoid spreading them too thickly as they will take longer to dry and may brown before they have properly dried.

 The ideal kit if you are making lots of confetti is to use a food dehydrator - these are designed to gently blow warm air over and through multiple layers of racks and can dry a large amount of petals over night. You also have the added bonus of the fragrant aroma of rose petals wafting through your house.

Using Rose Petals at weddings are unique outdoor wedding ideas, and are sometimes used to line the path the bride takes to her groom.

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