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Find which types of roses to plant in your garden, by rose classification of rose types. You can choose rose types such as tiny miniature rose types, to giant rambler rose types, and many in-between.

The rose flower, poses a broader diversity of plant form and size than any other flowering shrub. Here you will find rose classifications for the many types that organize roses into distinct groups.

In 1979, The World Federation of Rose Societies, adopted a simplified classification of roses, using the characters it displays as a garden plant, rather than its supposed ancestors.

This system divides the thousands of named roses into three broad groups:

  1. Wild Roses; including both the truly wild ones, and the garden forms associated with them.
  2. Old Garden Roses; Those groups that were already established before 1867.
  3. Modern Garden Roses; The predominant roses of today, They are still being hybridized actively.

                           ~Modern Garden Roses ~

~Bush Roses~                                               ~Shrub Roses~

Large Flowered Hybrid Tea                                  English Rose

Clustered Flowered Floribunda                              Hybrid Musk

Polyantha                                                         Hybrid Rugosa

                                  Ground Cover Roses

~Climbers~                                                    ~Miniatures~

Large Flowered                                                   Climbing Miniature

Cluster-Flowered                                                 Miniature rose

~ Old Garden Roses~

~Non-Climbing~                                                ~Climbing~

Moss                                                                   Rambler

Alba                                                                    Noisette

China                                                                   Boursault

Tea                                                                     Climbing Tea

Portland                                                               Climbing Bourbon


Hybrid Perpetual


Hybrid Sweet Briar

                                     ~Wild Roses~

~Climbing~                                                      ~Non-Climbing~

Climber                                                                     Shrub


Some examples below:

hybrid tea rose types

Hybrid Teas are the most popular types of roses grown in gardens today. It is easy to recognize these types, by the large shapely, symmetrical 3-6 inch, high centered blooms.

The single flowers, come one to a stem. Usually the plants grow upright, 4-7 feet tall.

The single flowers, come one to a stem. Usually the plants grow upright, 4-7 feet tall.

If you buy or receive a dozen roses, a Bouquet of Hybrid Tea Roses are the ones you will get. With their long stems, they are perfect for bouquets.

Learn about cutting roses, and how to make them last longer.Some are very fragrant, while others have no fragrance.

They are not hardy to all planting zones, but typically do well in warmer climates.

Grandiflora rose types

Grandiflora roses This class of rose types, was created when a Hybrid Tea was crossed with another rose. These types of roses, have long stems, with clusters of flowers at the end. 

Plants will often grow 6-8 feet tall, and provide massive displays of blooms.
A very nice addition to the garden if you have room for them.

floribunda rose types

Floribunda's are characterized by their profuse ability to bear large clusters of flowers. Flowers are one to three inches in size.

Depending on the variety, they can range in height from 2-6 feet. Growth habits are slightly spreading to full spreading. Bushes form rounded shrubby mounds 3-4 feet. They are typically very hardy, and known for their limitless "Flower Power"

Good for Hedges, borders, or in Mass plantings

Shrub Roses; These types of roses have a diverse range of flower form and size. Often the flowers of Shrub Roses are quite large, reaching 3-4 inches in diameter. Mounded plants can grow 4-6 feet.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from compact to sprawling! Most are reliably hardy, in all climates. They can be sold under different names: landscape roses, pavement roses, and other creative names.

Vigorous and bushy, they produce constant flowers.

Also make great bedding, or border plants.

miniature rose bush

Miniature Roses

The whole plant (flowers and foliage) are miniature versions of Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. This rose type is very popular due to its versatility to use for edging, and also in containers.

Sizes range from Micro minis that are under 12 inches tall, to tall miniatures that can be 24-36 inches tall. Climbing miniatures are also available.

Old Garden Roses

These types of roses existed before 1867. Most of them bloom only once a season, in late Spring. Plants are popular for their heavy fragrance and wonderful hips. They usually grow 4-8 feet tall or more.


This classification of roses is for this rose type that can produce massive plants, that can grow 30 feet in every direction. Plants can literally cover a tree or an entire house! Flowers are on the small size, usually 1-2 inches wide. Some ramblers bloom only once a season.

Climbing Roses

Climbers come in a large number of colors and styles. Blooms can be of varying sizes and come in clusters, or singly. Some climbers are once-bloomers, meaning that they have one great flush of blooms, and they are done for the season. Don't pass them up just because they only bloom once, most have the most spectacular blooms, well worth the effort!

Climbers grow on vigorous canes that can be attached to a nearby structure, such as a fence, arbor, trellis or other.

Carpet Roses/ Ground Cover Rose- Rose Types
This is a new classification of roses that are great landscaping plants. Carpet Roses are low growing, vigorous, and spread in all directions up to 8 feet. They really do provide a 'carpet' of color!

There are many color choices available to please any gardener.

They are excellent on slopes where erosion is a problem. The spreading habit of this rose helps to keep the soil from washing away during heavy rain periods.


Similar to Floribundas, although the flowers are much smaller, and borne in large, tight clusters. The growth habit can be short, mounding and sprawling. In order to keep them re-blooming, you must diligently remove spent blooms on these types.

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