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The Tuscany rose is a very old Gallica rose that has been around since the sixteenth century.(Prior to 1820) The parentage of this rose has not been recorded.

Another name for this rose is 'The Old Velvet Rose'. Could it be that the petals are like velvet?

These Gallica roses produce the deepest, most richly colored flowers of a deep violet purple color.

The beautiful blooms are fragrant, and  semi-double, with prominent gold stamens.

The rosebush grows to around 4 feet tall and wide. The foliage is rough, and gray-green in color.

Type Gallica

Hybridizer Rivers Before 1820

Growth Habits Vigorous grower, grows upright to 4 feet by 3 feet wide

Blooms Deep violet color with gold stamens Blooms are double, 3 1/2" across with 30 plus petals

Foliage Rough, Medium size Gray-Green foliage

Fragrance  moderate fragrance

Hardy Zone 4-8

This lovely old garden rose is a Once bloomer. It makes an excellent shrub rose for smaller gardens.

The fragrant, shapely blooms look nice in the middle of borders, or anywhere you can appreciate the fragrance.

Plant some silver leaved plants such as Artemisia and Lambs Ear for contrast. Pink flowers or roses also combine well when planted nearby.

Care of Tuscany Rose

Tuscany can be fertilized in the Spring with an organic fertilizer, and top dressed with compost.

Thin out crowded or dead canes, but remember once-bloomers can't be pruned to sharply, or you will cut off that years flowers.

Other than that, this rose will perform well and is easy to grow in all regions.

This rose 'Tuscany' is a disease resistant rose, especially to Black spot disease.

A sport of this rose 'Tuscany Superb' was such an improvement over the older one that it pushed it off the market. Tuscany Superb produces bigger, and more blooms. (Still a once-blooming rose).

For those of you in warm climates growing this rose, I've heard (not sure if it is true) that in very early winter you need to remove the leaves from the plant, or else it won't make buds the following season. I can't say for sure if this is true or not..... Anyone growing it in zone 8 and higher?

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