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I truly believe that next to roses,the Tree Peony is the most beautiful plant ever to bloom in the garden.

The beautiful flowers can measure up to 8 inches wide! The petals have the rich gleam of Oriental silk and a transparency unknown among lesser peonies!

Tree Peony foliage is lush, and deep green. They bloom with royal lavishness, producing up to 200 huge, fragrant flowers per plant.

They start to bud even before the snow leaves the ground! While the frost is still on the ground these glorious Peony Trees begin active growth.

In April you'll notice the buds appearing on the woody plant.

They are imported giant Oriental flowers, (oriental Japanese Tree Peonies) that really do live for centuries!

The plant grows more beautiful each year, producing more and more flowers. The big double blooms of the oriental tree peonies are huge, up to 8" wide! These plants can produce as many as 200 blooms per plant.

If you grow them, don't be surprised to learn that people will drive miles just for a glimpse of your garden.

You won't be disappointed in these great perennial plants, as they live for generations, and add beauty to the garden year round!

These Trees are lovely in a Japanese Garden.

To give it more the "look" of such a garden, you could add some garden ornaments with a Japanese or oriental feel such as this pagoda.

Rocks in the garden help give it the right look also. Place larger boulders where they can grab some attention, and if possible, line the paths with pea-stone or other colored stone.

japanese garden

Unlike the ordinary peony varieties, these tree varieties become woody bushes that do not die back to the ground in winter -- instead, the bush continues to grow larger and more beautiful each year!

The bush will seldom grow higher than 4 feet; but it spreads gracefully each succeeding year until it reaches as much as 5 feet across. Once you plant them, you will always have them.... they live for generations -- for a century or even more! They are so amazingly hardy, that there are reports of blooming plants that are 200 and 300 years old growing in China and Japan!

The brilliant, clear colored flowers appear on nodding stems. They are excellent for cutting and floating in a bowl of water. See the spectacular Tree Peonies here at a great price!

white tree peony

 Every garden really should have at least one of these magnificent tree peonies! I have several of them in my garden.They are pictured here on this page.

The first time I experienced the blooms, I couldn't believe it! I've never seen a flower so huge! I'd never actually seen the bloom of a tree peony, but I had heard they were very beautiful (and exotic) I thought they were a bit pricey, but was told they were well worth the extra price, so I bought  a couple.

It took a couple years for them to bloom, but they were certainly worth the wait!  I must admit, that next to roses, peonies have my heart! If your budget allows, treat yourself to one or more of these, and see for yourself how the lovely, large silk-like blooms will amaze you!

I was surprised to see that the blooms are pretty long lasting, and unlike the regular peonies, you don't have to support them or tie them up to keep the flowers from leaning over and hitting the ground.

How to Care for a Tree Peony

When to Plant..

Spring or Fall is the best time for planting. They are cold weather plants that need dormancy (cold weather) to produce blooms.

They should be planted as soon as possible when you get them. As soon as the soil can be dug in the Spring, you can plant them.

Any time in the Fall

How to Plant...

Since these flowers will live a very long time, it is best to take the time to amend the soil they will grow in. They like dark, rich, loose soil.

They are pretty adaptable, but prefer a ph of 6.5-7.5. The (perfect) soil mix would be 3 parts compost, 1 part stone dust, and 1 part loam.

If planting more than one, plant at least 3 feet apart.

Dig a hole 2 foot deep by 1 foot wide, amending the soil to create soft loam. Grafted plants should be planted so that the graft is 4-6 inches below the soil line. Own root peonies should be planted around 2 inches below the soil line.

If in doubt, planting deeper is best!

Gently press the soil down around the roots, removing any air pockets. Water deeply. Keep the plant watered, but let it dry out between watering, as they don't like wet feet.

What to Expect....

Give them time! It will take a full 3 years for them to begin producing those beautiful flowers in abundance. The first flowers could be small, getting larger with each flowering.


They require little fertilizer! Some fish emulsion, or mushroom compost could give them an occasional boost, but other than that, they don't need any!

Plant a beautiful Tree Peony in the corner of your rose garden, and enjoy the fun when visitors to the garden ask 'Whats That!'
You'll be the envy of the neighborhood, and you'll probably have a hard time keeping your eyes off it yourself!

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Do you know the Best thing you can do for your Peony Plants?

Peonies Love soil that is rich in organic matter!

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They Also Like Their Roots Cool

To accomplish this, be sure to Mulch them!

They don't like the mulch to thick, just enough to cover the soil around them!

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