Transplanting Roses

Relocating Rose Bushes

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Here you will find some important tips on Transplanting Roses. The survival of your rose bush depends on the knowledge you have about transplanting roses.

Follow these tips for the best way for relocating rose bushes...

Occasionally it is necessary to move a rose to a new location.

It may need a spot with more sun, or it may be planted to close to other plants, or to close to the house. Maybe you are moving, and want to take your favorite rose bush with you. Whatever your reason for transplanting a rose bush, follow this guide.

Small and medium size plants are the better candidates for this. They are much easier to dig up and move.

Very large, long established bushes, with large root systems,might be impossible to move without the help of an expert with some heavy equipment.

How to Transplant Your Roses

When to transplant roses?

Late winter, or early spring while the rose is still dormant, is the best time for transplanting  a rose.

If you know in advance that you want to transplant your rose bush, several months before the move,you should (shorten up the root system) on the growing bush. To do this, you take a sharp spade and cut at an angle all around the bush, 18-24" out from the base of the bush. Go down to the depth of the spades blade. This will sever the feeder roots, causing new roots to grow that aren't so long.

This will make moving the bush easier, with a shorter root system. Your rose will also recover more quickly from the move, with the more compact root system.

Be sure to keep the bush well watered, both before and after you cut those roots!

You should also prepare the site for the roses new home in advance. Dig the hole (Very large hole 2ft.wide by 2 ft. deep) for best results.

Amend the soil if necessary-

If the bush is medium to large, cut it back. This takes less stress off the plant.

Carefully dig all around the bush in a circle about a foot and 1/2 from the bush.

Try to keep as many roots intact as possible

Take care not to let the roots dry out. Immediately plant the rose in its new location! When Transplanting roses follow the planting guide outlined here.

After planting, water the bush well.

Apply the mulch, and water again.

Keep watered well for the next few weeks.

Do Not fertilize your transplanted rose until after it flowers.

When transplanting roses, learn how to apply Garden Mulch

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