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Best Climbing Rose Bushes

top 10 climbing roses show garden

#1 Climbing Show Garden

These Top 10 Climbing Roses are the best climbing rose bushes to plant in your garden. Purchase them here at a great price! Click on the highlighted link to find all the growing information you need to decide which of the top climbing roses are right for your garden. Do you want Fragrance or a Specific Color or just plain Hardiness, and Dependability you will find what you need to know!

It's hard to pick only 10, because there are many more roses that fit into the best climbing roses category. You'll find colors ranging from Red, Pink, White, Yellow, and even Two-toned.

climbing rhode island red rose

#2 ~  Climbing Rhode Island Red

rose climbing viking queen

#3 ~  Climbing Viking Queen

climbing blaze rose

#4 ~  Climbing Blaze

rose climbing peace

#5 ~ Climbing Peace

climbing queen elizabeth rose

#6 ~  Climbing Queen Elizabeth

climbing rose zephrine drouhin

#7 ~ Climbing Thornless Zephrine Drouhin

climbing golden showers rose

#8 ~  Climbing Golden Showers

climbing fourth of july rose

#9 ~Climbing 4th of July

climbing rose joesphs coat

#10 ~ Climbing Joseph's Coat

A few of MY favorite climbing roses; click to learn more about them.

Climbing Iceberg A most beautiful (and hardy) White climber.

Don Juan A very dependable and hardy Red Rose.

New Dawn Rose A soft pink, that looks like hybrid teas. A tough rose that performs wonderful. Very beautiful....

Sally Holmes pretty white flowers in abundance.

Tips for your Top 10 Climbing Roses

~Climbing roses need something to 'climb on'. Provide support in the way of a fence, arbor, trellis, lamp pole, obelisk, or even the side of a structure.

~When you fan the canes out a bit, they produce more flowers than canes that simply grow straight up.

~Try to match the right rose to the right situation. Some are very large climbers, and need something bigger to climb on, while others grow shorter and are more suited for poles and trellises.

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