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damaged rose from thrips

Thrips are gardening pests that live inside flower buds, causing the flower to not open.

The tiny insects are so..... small, that they can do plenty of damage before you even know they are there. These bugs measure only 1/5" (5mm)long.

  ( Frankliniella trici) live inside the buds of flowers. They feed on the plant sap. This causes the petal tissue to turn brown, and young leaves become deformed.

Flower buds usually fail to open. The damage to roses by these tiny rose pests, usually occurs in early summer, and usually begin in the month of May.

These tiny insects are very damaging to rosebuds and flowers. The deformed buds will not open. On a damaged flower, you will see brown streaks or spots on the flower petals.

The buds often turn brown on the petal edges, and the petals stay stuck together.

As they suck the sap, they leave specks or streaks on the plant, in which the light shines through the empty plant cells.

These pests have an appetite for many different plants, going back and forth from plants, including grasses to the roses.

They multiply quite rapidly. You should monitor your roses frequently to check for signs of damage.

If you are not sure, one sure way to find out if your roses have them, is to shake a damaged flower over a white piece of paper. The bugs will appear as tiny yellow brown flecks moving on the paper.

How to Deal With These Damaging Bugs

Plants that are dry are the most likely to be effected by these insects 'Thrips'. Adequate watering methods such as drip irrigation and mulching is your first defense.

Prune off and destroy infected flowers and buds. Spray plants with this Safe Organic Spray that is also very useful for Aphids and more!

Organic Spray

You will need;

  • 2 gallons water
  • 5 bulbs fresh garlic
  • 1/2 cup Mineral Oil

What to do..

  • Press the garlic through a garlic press and stir into the water.
  • Add Mineral Oil
  • Boil mix about 10 minutes
  • Cool
  • Filter through a coffee filter or rag to remove large particles
  • Spray on roses with a garden sprayer

Always choose safer options of control! (Horticultural Oil, and insecticidal soaps) to control pests in the garden! Garden organically!

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