Thornless Roses

Roses without Thorns (prickles)

thornless roseNo Thorns!

Looking for Thornless Roses? View this list of beautiful roses without thorns, (prickles) including climbing roses that are thornless.

Smooth Touch Thornless Series, as well as several beautiful varieties of the David Austin English Roses, make growing roses without thorns possible.

If you've ever tried to trim a heavily thorned rose bush, you know what a luxury it is to grow ones without thorns!

Note; See the stem pictured to the right. Stems are smooth, with no thorns.

This is a Zephrine Drouhin that I planted last year to replace one I lost. (I just love this rose!)

The Smooth Touch Thornless Rose Series was developed by a man named Harvey Davidson back in 1962. He accidentally discovered a thornless rose in his breeding stock, while trying to develop a disease resistant variety. This hobby breeder named the lovely and very floriferous apricot colored rose 'Smooth Sailing'. Thus, this Series of thorn-free roses were born! They are 95-100% thornfree.

List of the Smooth Touch Series  Roses

See the list below: All these roses begin their name with "Smooth"  Angel    Ballerina   Buttercup   Delight  Destiny   Dream   Friendship  Harmony   Heart of Gold   Lady   Lillipop   Memories   Moonlight   Perfume   Prince   Queen   Romance   Ruby Red   Serenity   Silver Moon   Snowflake   Splendour   Velvet

David Austin English ~Thornless Roses

a shropshire lad thornless rose

A Shropshire Lad Rose is one of the David Austin English roses that are thornless.

Thorn-less Zephirine Drouhin Rose

thornless rose zephrin droughin

 Climbing and Rambling Roses that are thornless or nearly Thornless include:

James Galway Climber , Mortimer Sackler , Snow Goose , The Generous Gardener Climbing Rose , Veilchenblau , Zephirine Drouhin (pictured)

Thornless Shrub Roses

List of shrub roses with no thorns!

A Shropshire Lad , Charles de Mills , James Galway , John Clare , Mortimer Sackler , R. Officinalis , R. Complicata , Tuscany Superb

  • We can all appreciate the roses that don't have thorns (prickles), but especially children, and elderly persons would benefit from these roses.
  • Roses planted close to a doorway, or ones that grow up an arbor where people walk by or under it, would benefit from not having to be concerned about those nasty thorns!

If you are the gardener, you know what a task it can be cutting back canes that are covered in thorns, especially the climbers. Take a closer look at some of these smooth caned ones and judge for yourself how easy it would be to prune a rosebush without thorns!

A Bit of Christian Lore

There is a very old Christian Legend that maintains that roses did not have thorns until Adam sinned in the garden of Eden.

Why do Roses have Thorns?

The purpose of the thorns is unknown. Possibly to keep animals from eating the flowers. Deer certainly are not deterred by those thorns!

I personally grow the Zephirine Rose, (pictured above) and can tell you it is so easy to keep tying it up as it grows. No Thorns!

List of More Thornless Roses

  • Blush Boursault
  • Dupontii
  • Goldfinch
  • Kathleen Harrop
  • Madame Plantier
  • Madame de Sancy de Parabere
  • Mrs John laing
  • Rosa Bankaiae Lutea
  • R. gallica
  • Reine des Violettes
  • Rose-Marie Viaud
  • Veilchenblau
  • Paul Neyron (pictured below)
paul neyron rose
Buy This Rose, Thornless Paul Neyron

I hope you find this list of roses without thorns useful. If you grow any of these roses, won't you share a picture of it with us? We would love to see it!

Please submit your Thornless Rose photo(s) Here. Thanks for sharing!

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