Therese Bugnet Rose

Pink, Hybrid Rugosa Roses

The Therese Bugnet rose produces large, double, pink roses on a dense prickly shrub. It is a fragrant,Hybrid Rugosa rose that is very easy to grow.

The dark rose buds open to large double flowers that flatten out to a muddle of petals and turn a pale lilac pink.

Therese Bugnet RoseTherese Bugnet

This is an easy-care rose that is normally disease free, except for the Japanese beetles that appear in mid Summer.

The bush is arching growing to around 5-6 feet, but is better when trimmed to a lower height, to keep the plant growing vigorously. It isn't heavily branched, so it stays more narrow and tall.

It will tolerate poor soil, as long as drainage is good.

This Rugosa multiplies by suckers, (roots growing underground)so be prepared to keep it contained. Its not quite as bad as some of its kin.

It makes a nice hedge because of the shrubby growth.

Type  Hybrid Rugosa

Hybridizer  Bugnet, Canada 1950

Growth Habit Dense shrub 5-6 feet tall and wide

Blooms Double,Pale Lilac Pink, fragrant (old rose/ clove/allspice)

Foliage Blue-green Long, matte

Fragrance Old Rose fragrance

Hardy (very) zones 2-8

More about Therese Bugnet Rose

therese bugnet rosebush

This is a rose that I personally grow, and that does very well for me in my zone 5 garden. It starts blooming fairly early, and continues through Summer. The first flush is the best, after that I get sporadic blooms throughout the season. 

The fragrant flowers are very nice used in my rose crafts, especially the potpourri mixes. I don't get hips from this rose.

In early Spring I trim out all dead canes, and trim the whole bush back quite a bit. The new canes have no thorns on them, but older canes become quite prickly.

In Fall the leaves turn yellow orange before falling off, and then in winter the red colored canes are striking with the snow!

As with other Rugosa rosebushes, this one requires little fertilizer,(it actually does best without it) Nor does it like to be sprayed!


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