The Wedgewood Rose

Pink English Roses

The Wedgewood rose, is considered the most beautiful of all the David Austin English roses.

The very beautiful medium to large size blooms are a soft rose-pink color, and have a delicate gossamer-like quality to them. The fragrance on the Wedgewood rose is quite unique. The outer petals have a fruity scent, while the center of the bloom, has more of a fragrance of cloves. Some report it as being a wonderful, strong, musky fragrance.

It makes a wonderful garden rose, as well as a climber.

The flowers on these English roses are quite special-looking, so plant them where you can enjoy them the most!

Type English Musk Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 2009

Growth Very vigorous grower. It will grow 5’ x 5’ as a large, arching shrub rose. Grown as a climber it can reach around 10’.

Blooms Flowers are a soft, rose pink color. Nodding flowers

Foliage Dark green, glossy, healthy foliage

Fragrance Strong, fruity fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5-9

This is a very hardy rose, that is also a very vigorous grower. It sends up lots of shoots from the base of the bush, forming a large, arching shrub rose 5’ tall and wide. These English roses, make a nice specimen rose, where used as a focal point, the delicate pink flowers, appear on arching canes. The bush shows off the nodding flowers against luxuriant, healthy green foliage.

But it shows off its pink roses best when grown as a climber, where it will grow to around 10’. It is easily trained on trellises, and pillars, but will also grow well on arches, walls, and fences, or anywhere you want a climbing rose. Plant it near an entry way, to take full advantage of the beautiful blooms and wonderful fragrance.

You’ll get excellent repeat of flowers on the disease resistant Wedgewood rosebush.

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