The Pilgrim Rose

David Austin Yellow English Roses

The Pilgrim roseThe Pilgrim

The Pilgrim rose, are David Austin English roses, that are a very beautiful shade of yellow. The perfectly formed flowers are quite large, shallow cupped, and rosette shaped.

They are a mass of little petals that are quilled, tightly packed, neat, and small. They are perfect English rose form.

The lovely yellow color is lighter toward the edges of the blooms, adding softness to the flower that you won’t often see in yellow roses.

The large blooms have many petals that open flat, sometimes revealing a button eye in the center.

The fragrance is (spicy) a wonderful Tea fragrance mixed with English myrrh.

This rose is a prolific bloomer, producing large clusters (typically up to 15 per cluster) of large, flat- topped flowers.

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Type English Shrub Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 1991 (Britain)

Growth Habits this rose bush grows relatively upright, and can be used as a climber. 4’ by 3’wide as a bush, and 8-10’ as a climber. very strong, vigorous grower

Blooms Large, shallowly cupped blooms are rosette shaped in a beautiful yellow around 140 petals

Foliage Bright green foliage, Few, large thorns

Fragrance Strong Tea and Myrrh blend fragrance

Hardy zone zones 6-10

These David Austin roses are very healthy and reliable. Growing upright, it can be grown as a shrub rose, and grows bushy and full.

It also does very well grown as a climber, growing 8-10’. In warmer climates it will grow larger, and benefit from Summer pruning to keep it in shape.

In full bloom, you can easily recognize a bed of these roses, even from a distance. You won’t find another rose that produces such a dense mass of yellow color.

They combine well with other flowers, in the vase as well as the garden. This rose 'The Pilgrim' was named after the pilgrim in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

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