The Fairy Rose

Hardy, Polyantha Shrub Roses

the fairy roseThe Fairy

The Fairy Rose, is an easy, low maintenance roses. These Polyantha roses are the standard for low maintenance roses.

They are very popular, disease resistant shrub roses that are widely used by landscapers, and homeowners alike.

Hybridized in 1932, the Fairy rose has been around for a while!

Because it is hardy, clean, disease resistant, vigorous, and a prolific bloomer, this shrub rose is still a favorite rose to grow.

It has almost constant blooms in a lovely shade of soft pink. They appear in huge clusters, all Summer. A Climbing variety is also available. (See pictures of mine)

Type Polyantha Roses

Hybridizer Bentall in 1932

Blooms Soft pink flowers are 1" across, with rosette-shaped blooms.

Growth Habits vigorous grower,

Foliage small, medium green, glossy

Fragrance slight

Hardy Zone 4-9

polyantha roses the fairy rose

The Fairy has little to no fragrance, but they are just so.. pretty, the blooms are worth growing even without fragrance.

The plant can grow 3-4 feet tall. They look spectacular growing on a fence (see mine below). The Fairy also can be grown as a low growing shrub, by pruning as such.

The plant can also be used as a ground cover, hedge, or massed planting.

A plant trailing over a wall would be spectacular. The small, one-inch, ruffled double flowers of soft/pale pink, bloom in a dome shaped spray. The small blooms are rosette in form, with equally attractive foliage.

The Fairy is a tough, disease resistant rose that can survive a great deal of neglect.

If you want a tough rose that performs well with little care from you, consider planting this lovely rose. (Mine survives the winters with no problem, and NO protection!) It is very easy to train along the fence, I simply keep (braiding) the canes along the slats of the fence, as they grow.

The flowers appear later than most roses, but once they start, you won't be disappointed!

The Fairy rose produces a cloud of small, fully double pink flowers all summer with an especially heavy flush of bloom in fall. The bush is compact, seldom growing above 2ft, which makes it effective as a ground cover, a low hedge, or a powerful presence in a mixed border. How such a little bush makes so many flowers is a mystery.

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