Tess of the d-Urbervilles Rose

Crimson English Roses

tess of the d'Urbervilles roseTess of the d'Urbervilles

Tess of the d-Urbervilles Rose are crimson English roses that produce large size, and very fragrant flowers.

The dark buds are almost glowing, and in the early stage of bloom, the flowers are deeply cupped. At this stage, there is no equal to their beauty in the garden.

As the petals open, the outer petals turn back, giving the flower a less formal look. This is where the flowers seem to lose their charm. The bright color fades to crimson and cerise.

The flowers are heavy, and (nod) bend from their own weight, so that the flower is face down on the leaves below.

These David Austin English roses bloom singly, as well as in small clusters of up to 4. The blooms appear in flushes all season long.

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Type Old Rose Hybrid

Hybridizer David Austin 1998(Britain)

Growth Habits A rose bush that can grow 4’ tall, and 4 1/2 ‘wide. Robust, bushy and spreading growth habit.

Blooms Bright Crimson. The blooms are large, and deeply cupped. Around 110& petals

Foliage Large, deep green foliage, disease resistant

Fragrance Strong, Old Rose, Fruity, Myrrh fragrance

Hardy zone zones 6-9

These English roses by David Austin bloom singly, as well as in small clusters of up to 4. The blooms appear in flushes all season long.

The bush grows strong, and vigorous, making a lovely large, rounded shrub rose. It can grow 4’ by 3 ½’ as a shrub. It can also be grown as a first rate climber/pillar rose. When allowed to climb, it can grow 6-8’.

Because the flowers nod, allowing it to grow taller will put the flowers at eye level.(A beautiful sight!)

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