Symbolism of Flowers

Flowers and their Meanings

symbolism of flowersSymbolism of Flowers

Do you know the symbolism of flowers? Did you know that flowers and their meanings can convey secret messages?

If you are planning an upcoming Wedding, you should understand the meaning of the flowers in your bridal bouquet.

By choosing ones with special meaning, it will make your day even more special to you. Even if you and the groom are the only people who know about this special meaning!

This list of flowers, is to give you ideas for understanding which flowers to choose for your special bouquet.

I hope these flower symbolism's are helpful to you, and I wish you the best!....

Flowers to Say I Love You

white rose flower symbolism


White roses- *Purity

Red Roses- *True love

Roses are the traditional flower for wedding bouquets. You don't have to stop there, add some other flowers to the bouquet, and add more meaning!

Searching for certain flowers and their meanings of affection can be fun when you know the (secret) symbolism of the flowers!

Forget-me-not  flowers mean; *True love, *memories

Daisy  This flower stands for; *Innocence, *Loyal Love, *Purity

Snapdragon *Gracious lady

Peach Blossom * Long life

Peony *Happy Life, *Happy marriage

Red Rose *True love


*Gracious lady, *Purity, *Chastity, *Eloquence





Lily of the Valley

*Sweetness, *Return to happiness, *You've made my life complete, *Trustworthy.

It's easy to see why couples who know the symbolism of flowers, add the Lily of the valley to their bouquet!


*Love, *Beauty, *Refinement, *Beautiful Lady

Symbolic meaning of flowers used as filler flowers


(the color matters)

Lavender- *Admiration

White- *Wishes will come true




*Devotion, *Trust





Some flowers may not be suitable for wedding bouquets.

Availability, is certainly a factor. Another consideration is the fact that some people may have allergic reactions to some of the herbs or filler flowers used. The last thing you want on your special day is to have everyone looking at those "big red welts" instead of the beautiful bride!

This is only a small list of flowers that have lovely special meanings that would be nice to use for your wedding bouquet (or any bouquet.) Here is the complete list of Symbolism of flowers

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