Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Language of Flowers

symbolic meaning of flowers

The Victorians knew the symbolic meaning of flowers, do you? The Victorian art of expressing themselves in the language of flowers dates back to antiquity. The Victorians used flowers to describe their feelings of morality, spirituality, and emotional truths. It was a means of communication in which various flowers were used to send coded messages, thus allowing the sender to (say) things that could not be spoken.

Some flowers have kept their symbolic meaning throughout the years. Many of us know some of them; Rose means-love, and rosemary- remembrance, but what do all the rest mean?

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

language of flowers

Abatina- Fickleness

Acacia- Secret or concealed love

Agrimony- Thankfulness

Aloe- Grief

Almond- Promise

Amaranth (Globe)- Immortal Love

Amaryllis- Pride, Pastoral Poetry

Anemone- Forsaken

Apple-Blossom- Preference

Arbutus- Thee only do I love

Artemesia- Dignity

Aster- Symbol of Love, Daintiness

Azalea- Take care of yourself for me, Temperance,Chinese symbol of womanhood

Bachelor Button- Single blessedness

Begonia- Beware

Bellflower- Thinking of you

Bells of Ireland- Good Luck

Bittersweet- Truth

Bluebell- Humility

Blue Salvia- I think of you

Buttercup- Riches

Camellia(pink)- Longing for you

Camellia ( Red)- You’re a flame in my heart

flower symbols

Campanula- Gratitude

Canterbury Bells- Gratitude

Carnation ( Pink)- I’ll never forget you

Carnation (Red)- Admiration

Carnation (striped)- No, refusal, sorry I can’t be with you

Carnation (yellow)- Rejection, You have disappointed me

Cattail- Peace, Prosperity

Cherry Blossoms- A good education, transience of life, Feminine beauty (in China)

China Aster- Love of variety

Chrysanthemum (red)- I love you

Chrysanthemum (yellow)- I promise

Coreopsis- Always cheerful

Cowslip- Winning Grace

Clover (red)- Industry

Clover (white)- I promise

Coriander- Lust

Cyclamen- Resignation and Goodbye

meaning of flowers

Daffodil- Uncertainty, chivalry, respect, you’re the only one,

Daisy- Innocence, Loyal love, I’ll never tell, purity

Daisy (red)- Beauty unknown to possessor

Dandelion- Faithfulness, happiness

Eglantine Rose- A wound to heal

Elderflower- Compassion

Fennel- Strength

Fir- Time

Flax- Domestic symbol

Forget-me-not- True love, memories

Forsythia- Anticipation

Gardenia- You’re lovely, secret love

Gerber Daisy- Innocence or Purity

Geranium- Gentility, Stupidity

Gloxinia- Love at first sight

Heather (lavender)- Admiration, Solitude

Heather (white)- protection, wishes will come true

Heliotrope- Devotion

Hibiscus- Rare Beauty, delicate beauty

Hollyhock- Ambition

Honeysuckle- Devoted affection, bonds of love

Hyacinth (blue)- Constancy

Hyacinth (Red or pink)- Play

Hyacinth ( Yellow)- jealousy

Hydrangea- Devotion

In the symbolic flower meaning, the Iris flower, which was named for the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology, still represents (sending a message)

symbolic language of flowers

Ivy- Dependence

Jonquil- Return my affection Larkspur- Fickleness

Lavender- Devotion, trust

Lemon blossom- Discretion

Lilac- (white)- Purity, youthful innocence

Lilac ( Purple)- first emotion of love

Lily (white)- Virginity, Purity, Majesty

Lily ( Yellow)- I’m walking on air, False and Gay

Lily (calla)- Beauty

Lily (Day)- Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother

Lily (tiger)- Wealth, Pride

Lily of the valley- Sweetness, Return to happiness, You’ve made my life complete, trustworthy

Lobelia- Malevolence

Lotus- Purity, chastity, eloquence

Love lies bleeding- Hopelessness

Magnolia- Love of nature

Mallow- Consumed by love

Marigold- Cruelty, Grief, Jealousy

Mint- Suspicion

Mistletoe- Affection, Kiss me, Sacred plant of India

Mock Orange- Deceit

Monkshood- Beware- a deadly foe is near

Morning Glory- Love in Vain

The Symbolic Meaning of Flowers , or Language of flowers is also called Floriography.

Moss- Maternal Love, Charity

Mullein- Good- nature

Myrtle- Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage

Narcissus- Egotism, Formality, stay as sweet as you are

Nasturtium- Patriotism, Victory in battle

Orange blossom- Innocence, Eternal love, Marriage and fruitfulness

Orchid- Love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady

Palm leaves- Victory and success

Peach blossom- long life

Pear blossom- lasting g friendship

Peony- Shame, happy life, happy marriage

Petunia- Resentment, anger

Poppy (red)- Pleasure

Poppy (white)- Consolation, peace

Poppy (yellow)- Wealth, success

Primrose- (evening)- Inconstancy

Rose (red )- true love

meaning of a rose

Do you know the

Symbolic meaning of flowers in Roses Different colors convey different messages!

Rosemary- Remembrance

Sage- Wisdom

Snapdragon- Deception, Gracious Lady

Snowdrop- Consolation or hope

Star of Bethlehem- Hope

Straw flower- United
In Victorian times, it was common practice for gentlemen suitors to give their intended a symbolic meaning of flowers by means of a Tussie Mussie. Stock- Bonds of affection, Promptness,

Sunflower- Pure and lofty thoughts, Haughtiness or respect

Sweetbrier- Simplicity

Sweetpea- goodbye, Departure, Thanks for a lovely time

Thistle- Nobility

Thyme- Thriftiness

Tulip(general)- Perfect lover, Frame, Flower emblem of Holland

Violet (blue)- Faithfulness

Violet (white)- Modesty

Zinnia (red)- Constancy

Zinnia (white)- Goodness

Zinnia (yellow)- Daily Remembrance I hope this list of symbolic meaning of flowers help you to choose (just the right ones) for your next bouquet! Most people don't know the meanings of flowers (or) language of flowers,and could be sending the wrong message! Learn the Symbolic Meaning of Flowers!

Symbolic Meaning of Flowers; Roses

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