Super Dorothy Rose

The 'Improved' Dorothy Perkins Rambler Rose

super dorothy roseMy Super Dorothy Rose

The Super Dorothy rose, is a vigorous growing Rambler rose with sweet, pink roses that come in large, loose clusters.

The clusters of deep pink roses, come in large, loose, weeping panicles of 20-40 flowers, that fade lighter as they age, especially the ones directly exposed to the sunlight.

Super Dorothy is the 'improved' version of Dorothy Perkins, which had the same sweet, candy pink cascades of blooms, but also a big problem with mildew.

Super Dorothy does not have the mildew problem, and is considered very disease resistant.(Mine has no problems, not even black spot,and is very hardy!)

Dorothy Perkins was the daughter of ' Charles J. Perkins' founder of the famous Jackson & Perkins.

Super Dorothy was developed from Dorothy Perkins and an unidentified repeat flowering rose.

This rose had been popular in Europe since it was introduced, but is now just as popular in the U.S.A and Australia.

Type  Modern Rambler

Hybridizer  Karl Hetzel Germany 1986

Blooms Small, double, pink blooms in clusters

Foliage small, dark green leaves

Growth Habit  Vigorous, It can grow to 12' high by 8' wide

Fragrance Light apple to none

Hardy zones  hardy in zones 5b -10b

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Although Super Dorothy is not quite as vigorous as Dorothy Perkins, it is just as beautiful! The weeping flowers appear in mid June in my garden, and seem to last a very long time! (weeks)

Although The bush appears to keep the flowers coming, and is classified as 'repeat blooming', but I get very few blooms after the initial flush. But what a show when it is in full bloom!

This rambling rose provides color for much longer than any other rambling rose.

It is very suitable for pillars, tripods, arbors, and fences.

Mine (pictured above) happily blooms each year on either side of a long arbor at the end of my rose garden. My young grand daughter loves walking through the (tunnel) of blooms when it is flowering!

It grows vigorously, with a very lax habit that keeps me busy tying it up as it grows.

I do very little pruning on it;I only prune canes that grow in the wrong direction to tie to the arbor.

Note; You might find this climbing rose listed as 'Dorothy Superior, Super Dorothy Perkins, or Superb Dorothy, but whatever you call it, the Super Dorothy rose is one very special rose!

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