Sunsprite Rose

Yellow Floribunda Rose

sunsprite roseSunsprite

The Sunsprite rose, is one of the best yellow Floribunda roses grown today. It has deep yellow blooms that are produced in great quantities.

This bright and cheery rose bush repeats blooms rather quickly.

This Floribunda rose is one of the most disease resistant, and hardy of all the Floribunda's.

The deep golden yellow flowers on the Sunsprite rose,do not fade in the heat, but actually retain their color better in cooler temperatures.

It's a near 'perfect' rose!

Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Kordes 1977

Blooms deep yellow blooms are 3-4 inches across, with 25-30 petals

Growth Habits grows 4-5 ft. in an upright, medium, rounded, bushy plant.

Foliage dark green and glossy

Fragrance Intense,spicy

Awards Gamble Fragrance Award 1979,Baden-Baden Gold Medal 1972, Anerkannte Deutsche Rose 1973, Royal National Rose Society James Mason Memorial Medal 1989

Hardy Zone 5-10

The tea form blooms have deep yellow petals that are 3-4 inches across. They start with attractive, oval buds, with flowers looking like a Hybrid Tea, and flatten as they open (One beautiful yellow rose!) They are ideal for hedges, or mass plantings. Regular deadheading will keep the bush looking neat and tidy.

This rose has won many awards,including the Gamble Fragrance Award in 1979 from the American Rose Society. (Germany) It can attest to that wonderful fragrance.

This is one of my favorites. Not only because it is so hardy (I live in zone 5), or because it is very disease resistant, but because it's just so darn pretty! I have them planted in front of the lovely Queen Elizabeth Rose and the combination of the two is very soft and Romantic.

I had a clump of Babys Breath planted between the two, but I think It might have gotten dug out early in the season. (sometimes you get gardening help from family that aren't quite sure what is a weed and what is a plant) Non-the-less, I'm always grateful for the help!

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