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Two Toned and Bi-color  Rose

harry whearcroft striped roseHarry Wheatcroft

Striped roses, two-tones, and bi-colored roses, are very unique and beautiful. They can be the focal point of your garden.

Usually no two are alike. As if 'hand painted' they each have their own specific color pattern.

If your garden consists only of single color roses, you are missing out by not having some unique roses with stripes.

I hope the information I've included with each of these striped, and bi color roses will be helpful to you.

Bi-Colored roses such as Double Delight are two-toned roses of red and white. This classic Hybrid Tea rose has an exceptional fragrance.

List of Striped Roses...

Berries 'n'Cream  Olesen 1999 Climber The flowers are swirled pink and creamy white. Each flower is uniquely different. (cooler climates show more white color). Blooms appear in bouquet-like clusters. Canes can grow 10-12 ft, and have very few thorns. Strong stems grow upright and are suitable for cutting. Hardy zones 5-10

Daring Spirit

Daring Spirit roseDaring Spirit

Striped Hybrid Tea rose.

Fragrant blooms are 5" across.

Learn more about Daring Spirit rose...

Double Delight

two toned rose double delightDouble Delight

Creamy white, blending to strawberry red. Flowers are 5-6" across

This rose bush is of medium height, growing upright, spreading, and bushy. The plant can grow 4-5 feet

The foliage foliage is large, and dark green,

The fragrance on this two-toned rose

is a wonderful fragrance;Intense, and Spicy

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Double Delight sent in by Ashley (South Carolina)

double delight rose by Ashley

She writes: Double Delight in South Carolina

This is a pic of one bloom that was on a Double Delight bush that I had a couple of years ago, and sadly succumbed to the first winter of an amateur (sp?) rosarian. I love how this picture shows the great contrast between pink and cream color.

More Bi-Color and Roses with Stripes

Earthquake Climbing Miniature Moore 1990 The double flowers are striped bright red and yellow, with a yellow reverse. Small clusters of 3-5 florets cover the plant. Cooler climates have brighter colors. Grows 4-6 feet hardy zones 6-10

Ferinand Pichard Hybrid Perpetual Blooms are clear pink and scarlet striped, with yellow stamens. The bush is vigorous, upright, and bushy, growing 5x4feet. Fragrance is slight. This is one of the better known and loved of the old garden roses. Flowers are somewhat repeating.

Fourth of July

striped climbing rose fourth of julyFourth of July

This large flowered Climber, has Velvety red blooms with bright white stripes. The striped roses, have ruffled blooms, with10-15 petals, that measure 4-4 1.2" across.

The sprays of these long-lasting blooms repeat quickly.

They have a wonderful fragrance of apples and roses. This is a  vigorous, upright, hardy climbing plant that grows 10-14 feet.

See more of Fourth of July Rose

George Burns - Floribunda Striped blooms of yellow, pink, scarlet, and cream. Medium vigorous, upright , compact, 3-3 1/2feet. Foliage is dark green, glossy, and with numerous prickles. Moderate, fruity fragrance.

Handel A large flowered climber with beautiful white and red bi-color blooms. Great cut flowers Learn more...

Harry Wheatcroft  A large flowered Hybrid tea with red and gold stripes. Simply incredible coloring!  Learn more...

Headliner Warriner 1985 Hybrid Tea- The petals are creamy white, blending to deep pink and then red at the outer edges. Inner petals have a narrow band of color, put the outer petals are almost completely brushed in cerise.

Open blooms measure 4 inches across. Good disease resistance on this 5 foot plant.

Oranges n Lemons -Shrub Rose Very unusual and showy! Orange striped with yellow, medium blooms with a fruity fragrance. Fully double flowers are produced in clusters. Disease resistant, very strong growing plant has red foliage that matures to green. Grows 4-5feet

Peppermint Splash Beautiful hybrid tea blooms, semi- to fully double, arise in flushes all season long on this exceptionally lovely rose. With a blush-pink base, darker pink streaks and stripes, and a rich honeysuckle scent, Peppermint Splash is just about the brightest and most cheerful accent in the rose garden . . . not to mention the vase!

Their fragrance is fantastic, especially on a warm summer day with a breeze. The entire garden can share in this rich perfume!

Peppermint Splash reaches about 5 feet high and 3 to 4 feet wide, with good branching and healthy foliage. Zones 6-9.

Pinstripe Miniature rose (medium size) These unique blooms are a rich velvety red color that are striped with white. One of the finest striped miniature rose

Princess De Monaco Meilland 1981 This rose was named in honor of Grace Kelly. The petals are cream colored and edged in shades of pink to cerise. 4-6 inch flowers have a swirl of petals that are exhibition form. Very fragrant blooms on a bushy, 3-4 foot plant.

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 Purple Splash rose

striped roses-purple splashPurple Splash

A lovely purple and white striped climber.

Notice the beautiful golden stamens.

Learn more about the Purple Splash rose...

Purple Tiger

Striped purple and white with flecks and splashes of purple and mauve.

Grows 3-4'

20-25 petals

prone to Black spot!

Raspberry Swirl

striped rose raspberry swirlRaspberry Swirl

Lovely raspberry and white striped Hybrid Tea rose

These rose bushes grow 3-5' tall

The amazing striped blooms are 4-5" across

A 'different' Hybrid Tea that will add some sparkle to your garden.

Rainbow Sorbet

two toned roses rainbow sorbetRainbow Sorbet

Floribunda - This rose is an early bloomer, starting off the season with its soft looking blooms.

It has large flowers that repeat well throughout the season. The blooms are a blend of yellow/orange and red. This is a unique, and VERY pretty rose.

Rock & Roll Hybrid Tea- The 4-6 inch blooms reveal stripes and splashes of burgundy, red, white and pink with cream on the reverse. Strong rose/fruit fragrance. Disease resistant plant grows 3-5 feet.

Rockin Robin - Shrub Rose Red-pink & white stripes on 2 inch blooms that appear in clusters and last almost a month. Will grow 2-3 feet in warmer climates, less in cooler zones. Mild apple scent.

Rosa Mundi This is the oldest of the striped roses on record. Possibly prior to 1581. Semi-double 4 inch white flowers are striped with red and pink, accented by bright yellow stamens. Blooms only once a year on a sprawling 3-foot plant. Botanically known as Rosa gallica versicolor


scentimental striped roseScentimental

These lovely red & white striped roses are in the Floribunda family. They have some really unique blooms with a great spicy fragrance.

Each flower has a different pattern to the stripes.The cup-shaped flowers are 4-6 inches across, which is on the large side for a Floribunda.

These rose plants are free-flowering and grow 3-4 feet. They make a most unusual, and striking addition to the garden.

The leaves are a shiny, dark green. This is a truly beautiful striped rose.

Soaring Spirits Carruth 2005 Large-Flowered Climber Grows 12 feet or taller. Ruffled single flowers have pink and white/yellow stripes with yellow stamens. Moderate, apple fragrance. Stunning blooms of these striped roses grow in huge clusters of ever-changing colors. This is one of the roses named in honor of the victims of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

Stars n Stripes Miniature rose (medium size) White colored rose with splashes of red bright yellow stamens

Stars n Stripes Forever Clements 2003 White and dark pink striped blooms are very abundant! Great for hedges or mass plantings height 4'x4' very disease resistant hardy zones 5-10

Tigress Zary 2003 The double blooms on this Grandiflora are purple and white striped. Blooms are produced in clusters. Wonderful strong fragrance. height 4'x 4' hardy zones 7-10

Tropical Sunset McGredy 1998 Hybrid Tea Rose The unique blooms on this tea rose are a soft gold color, that age lighter, and are dramatically striped with orange height 3 1/2 x3' wide very disease resistant hardy zones 6-10

Varigated di Bologna This Bourbon is one of the finest of striped roses. It has very double, globular, highly fragrant white flowers that are striped in purplish/red. The 3-4inch blooms appear in small clusters, and will occasionally repeat in the fall. A vigorous bush that grows 6-8 feet high.

Wonderstripe Clements 1996 Eye-catching double blooms with an unusual combination of deep smokey pink striped and splashed with a rich creamy yellow to white. height 4' width 4' very disease resistant hardy zones 5-10

Seen enough striped roses, view more colors of roses

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