Starting Seeds Indoors

Tips to Grow Your Own Plants From Seeds

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Starting Seeds indoors can give you a head start on your garden. Learn how to start seeds and you will extend the length of your gardening season.

Want to get your garden off to a good start? Begin with your very own plants that you nurtured and grew yourself! Inside gardening can be quite rewarding, and pay off big with a nice bonus of wonderful, healthy plants.

Why grow seeds inside?

*You can get a lot more plants for less money (seeds are cheaper than plants)

*You get your fingers in the dirt (any time of year)

* It is a relaxing, enjoyable hobby 

So lets begin:

Don't miss the video at the bottom of this page!

What you will need to Start Your Seeds;

  • 1. Seeds
  • 2. Container to plant in You can purchase seed flats that are ready to go, or use peat pots, paper cups, milk jugs, or any garden pot
  • 3. Soil best to use the potting mix! Also known as seed starting mix.
  • 4. Fertilizer Shortly after the plants emerge, you should water them with a weak fertilizer.
  • 5. Light/Heat You will need a warm spot or sunny window for plants to germinate and grow.
  • 6. Plant Tags

Tip: If using last years pots, you should soak them in a mild solution of bleach and water to clean them.

A few ideas from Amazon for starting seeds indoors:

When to start? The package is the best place to determine this! Also you must know frost dates for your climate.

High quality seeds have the best germination rate, but not all seeds will sprout, so be sure to plant some extras 'just in case'.

Planting Depth

The planting depth is important for the seeds to germinate. Pay attention to the instructions on the package. If planted to deeply, they may not grow. Some seeds need very little covering them.


This is crucial to the survival of the plants! Do not let the pots dry out. If the soil becomes dry the seeds will not germinate, and emerged seedlings will die.

Be sure to 'Harden off' the plants before planting them in the garden. This means gradually exposing them to the cooler temperatures of outside before their final home for the season.

Now since most people like a Visual of how to do things, watch the short video to see how to start seeds.

How to Start Seeds indoors

In the Video above, the woman uses a seedling heat mat find a couple of inexpensive ones here, along with grow lights:

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