Stanwell Perpetual Rose

Hardy Perpetual Spinosissima

The Stanwell Perpetual rose has a bit of uncertain history. It was classed as a Perpetual Spinosissima rose when it was released, but others consider it a Damask rose.

Regardless of it's origins, the Stanwell Perpetual rose has breathtaking blooms that can number over 100 or more in it's first flush. The soft apricot to blush pink, quartered flowers will literally obscure the foliage.

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Type Hybrid Spinosissima

Hybridizer C. Brown and Lee 1834(United Kingdom)

Blooms Soft apricot/blush pink, quartered, 3 1/2" blooms with 45-55 petals open flat. Cluster flowered

Foliage Grey-green

Fragrance Moderate Damask fragrance

Growth Habits A vigorous growing, arching shrub that can grow 6-8'

Hardy zones zones 3-9

This is an Old Garden rose that is considered one of the most hardy (down to zone 3). It is very tolerant to the most adverse conditions including drenching rains, poor soil, hot summers, and hard winters.

It can grow almost anywhere as it's hardiness zone ranges from very low zone 3 up to the much higher zone of 9.

The fragrant flowers are double, with frilled edges and muddled centers. They are occasionally followed by a red hip.

This is a repeat blooming rose bush that produces more intense colored flowers in the cooler temperatures of late summer.

The canes on this rose are a bit thorny with long reddish prickles.

The greyish green leaves will sometimes become mottled with purple, making the grower believe it to be diseased. Fear not! This discoloration is common for this rose, and not a serious condition. Although it is sometimes a bit unsightly, there is no real cause for concern.

A few discolored leaves should not be reason to keep you from growing and enjoying this very beautiful old cultivar.

Stanwell Perpetual is very disease resistant, with only an occasional bout of black-spot.

It grows vigorously, and although pruning is not necessary, you can encourage more growth by removing some of the oldest canes to the ground yearly. You should also prune out unruly growth. Don't be surprised if this rose produces suckers.

Note: I have this rose on my wish list for spring, so I will add a picture to this page as soon as I have one. If anyone grows this rose and would like to share a picture/their own growing information please share HERE. Thanks!

Such a graceful  arching shrub such as 'Stanwell Perpetual' is well suited to mass plantings, a garden focal point, an impenetrable hedge, or a stunning flower border.


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