St Patrick Rose

Hybrid Tea Roses

The St Patrick Rose produces beautiful Hybrid tea roses that begin with long pointed buds that are chartreuse in color.  These slightly green colored buds are the reason behind the name 'St Patrick'.

As the flowers open, the color of the rose is now a light yellow, but the St Patrick rose soon takes on a greenish hue, especially the outer petals.

St Patrick Rose

The climate in which you grow these Hybrid tea roses seem to have the ultimate deciding factor on just how green the flowers will be.

As the buds slowly open, the flowers have a distinct greenish cast towards the petal base.

In climates with cool summers, the flowers will have more of a gold shading to the outer petals.

Warmer climates will experience that green shading to the outer petals.

'St Patrick' produces blooms mostly singly, in cluster flowered double bloom form. The lovely roses are very large, sometimes as big as 6".

The small clusters are double, high centered blooms that come in flushes throughout the season. Blooming begins in early summer and continues through mid fall.

More about the St Patrick rose..

Type Hybrid Tea

Hybridizer Frank A Strickland United States  (1986)

Blooms   Yellow blend with 30-35 petals. Flowers are very large (5-6" across) Bloom form is cupped to flat, reflexed.

Foliage Leathery foliage is medium size, medium grey/green color

Growth Habits Vigorous grower is medium size 4-6' tall by  2-3' wide', upright growing, and bushy

Fragrance  Mild, sweet scent

Hardy Zones  7b and warmer

Parentage   Brandy   X  Gold Medal

You might know this rose as 'Limelight', or 'Irish Luck'.

This is a vigorous growing, well branched, moderately hardy rose that is highly disease resistant, and heat tolerant. It actually loves the heat! It will even grow in part shade, but is happiest in hot, dry climates.

The butterflies love this rose, so it attracts them to your garden!

This rose is a great rose for cutting, for those of you that like putting them in a vase. The flowers are long lasting, both in the vase and on the bush, and they hold their color well.

Sometimes the petals remain erect, with the flowers never fully opening. The bush will give you lots of flowers with long, stout stems.

Deadheading is recommended to keep the flowers coming.


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