Spray Guide for Roses
For the PERFECT rose garden

spray guide for roses

Do you need a spray guide for roses?

Want roses that look as lush and beautiful as the ones at the public rose gardens?

Every wonder what they do ,that you (don't)?

They know the secret spray guide for roses that result in a perfect garden!

After Spring Pruning:

* 1. Apply some Roses Alive! around the base of the plants

* 2. Apply Green Guard Plant Growth Stimulator This will boost plant growth and help prevent disease,to give you healthy roses.

apply this twice more, 3 weeks apart.

* 3. Apply Shield-All II organic rose spray every 7-14 days until the weather is warm and dry. (spring rains contribute to black spot, rust, and powdery mildew).

In late Spring and early Summer:

* 1. apply another application of Roses Alive!

* 2. Apply Oil-Away Supreme 2-3 times every 7-14 days to control Aphids.

* 3. Apply Pyola to combat rose slugs. Repeat in 2-3 weeks if necessary.
Note: When spraying roses, if you have both spider mites and rose slugs, use Pyola only. Do not use Oil-Away and Pyola at the same time.


Midsummer: *1. Apply Pyola to prevent Japanese beetles. Repeat 1-2 weeks later as needed.

This 'Perfect garden spray Kit' is made up of all-organic products available from Gardens Alive! they have environmentally responsible products, that I personally know, really do work!!

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