Sombreuil Rose

Fragrant Tea Noisette Rose

Sombreuil roseSombreuil

The Sombreuil rose is a very fragrant Tea Noisette rose that is still quite popular. Some classify it as a climbing Tea Rose.

The beautiful flowers are a creamy white with the occasional touch of rose and yellow when first opened, but they quickly turn to pure white.

Sombreuil rose has very double blooms that are flat, quilled, and quartered. They most often have a green eye.

Neatly arranged petals are in graduated rows allowing the shorter ones to fill the center in completely.

The flowers are held fairly upright in small clusters of usually three flowers. Although sometimes they will bear single blooms.

More about the Sombreuil Rose

Type Climbing Tea Noisette/Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer  M. Robert (France) 1850

Blooms 3 1/2" creamy white, flat, quilled, quartered blooms with 60plus petals Usually 80-100

Foliage medium green, medium sized, semi-glossy foliage

Growth Habit Vigorous grower to 13' Upright growing Usually 6-13'

Fragrance  Strong, Sweet, Tea fragrance

Hardy Zones  Zone 6 and warmer

Sombreuil begins with elegant buds that become very attractive, and very fragrant blooms that are great for cutting. It blooms profusely, and almost continually all season. It sheds it's petals cleanly from the bush.

The flower clusters are set among leaves that you will find a good deal sturdier than most Hybrid tea roses.

The white petals are on the soft side, thus making climates that are dry and warm a good region to grow this rose. It, (like me) doesn't like the cold... And even in warm climates, likes to be coddled.

It is a fragrant, repeat-flowering climber that will grow to a height of about 13'. It is hardier than most tea roses.

It has a moderate number of thick, thorny canes, with an open growth habit that requires very little trimming year to year.

It is a large flowered climber that combines the best of both worlds. It has the look of the old garden roses, yet the parentage of the Hybrid Tea roses. Not to mention the intense old rose fragrance!

Parentage; Thought to be; 'Gigantesque' x 'Unknown'

If you are in the right climate zone to grow it, it is an excellent white climber that performs well in most any type of landscape.

This rose,"Sombreuil" will tolerate a bit of shade.

Mlle de Sombreuil was a heroine of the French Revolution.  It was reputed that she drank a glass of blood of an aristocrat to prove that her father (Comte de Sombreuil), who was governor of Les Invalides was not an aristocrat. This act saved him from going to prison and almost certain death.

The Sombreuil rose was named in her memory.

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