Simplicity Rose

Pink Floribunda Roses, Perfect as Hedges

simplicity rosePink Simplicity

The Simplicity Rose was a pioneer of hedge roses. It was specifically developed for that use. It's profuse blooming made a (wall of roses), marketed as the 'Living Fence' Rose.

The pretty pink flowers are flat bloom form, and are borne in medium size clusters, and are very abundant through the first flush of flowers.

They open out to show pretty yellow stamens.

There's no need to deadhead to get the cycle repeating, and you have another round of lovely medium pink flowers.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Warriner 1978

Blooms Medium pink, semi-double blooms are cup shaped/flat and have 18 petals flower size is 3-4' across.

Growth Habits Grows upright, 4-5' tall.(taller in warmer climates)

Foliage Foliage is small in size, and mid- green in color

Fragrance faint to None

Hardy Zone

zones 5-11

These Floribunda roses are hardy, and disease resistant in all climates, but will need winter protection in colder climates.

The flowers are larger in warmer climates (up to 4" across) The profuse flowering with fast repeat, make this an excellent tall hedge rose.

  This rose, 'Simplicity' is well branched, with foliage all the way to the ground, making an ideal hedge.

The long, pointed, attractive buds open to form lovely flowers in a medium pink color. A hedge of these roses make a nice wall of color all season long.

Cut flowers, however, do not last very long.

Since it's development, there are several other roses in this series: Purple Simplicity, White Simplicity, Yellow Simplicity, and a fragrant variety: Lavender Simplicity. All varieties make an attractive hedge for your landscape, and are easy to grow. This rose can be prone to black-spot in some areas.

Note: I've had several of the pink ones planted for some years now, and unfortunately, although they are winter hardy for me in my zone 5 garden, I only get a few blooms here and there. (Very pretty, just not enough of them)! Each year I threaten to pull them all out, then in a weak moment, decide to give them 'one more year'. Well.....maybe this will be that year for my Simplicity rose!

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