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shrub roses

Shrub roses, or landscape roses, bloom for long periods, and produce the flowers in lovely clusters. They are hardy roses,that come in a large range of sizes, colors, and scents.

They are a class of rose that encompass a wide variety of roses. Also called Landscape roses, or pavement roses, they are easy to grow, and have a long bloom time. If you are searching for roses to use as shrubs, that are easy to grow, these are perfect choices for both landscapers and gardeners alike.

The Two classes include Classic, and Modern:

~ Classic ~

The Classics include; Heirloom or Old garden roses such as;Hybrid Rugosa, Hybrid Kordessi, Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Moyessi.

Ballerina rose Is a (Hybrid Musk) shrub rose, that makes the ideal landscape rose. It is also great for mass planting. It forms a vigorous bush with single flowers. It is a profuse bloomer, producing large clusters of medium pink flowers with a white eye. The first flush of flowers is so dense that it even obscures the green foliage. After a short pause, it is ready to repeat the show!

It makes a graceful well rounded bush that grows 3 ft. tall

It is very hardy (zones 4-10)

Hansa  Is a classic hardy Rugosa with large double red blooms. It has dark green wrinkled foliage. The fragrance is a wonderful clove/rose scent. It grows 4-5' and is hardy zones 3-9.

~ Modern ~

These include any of the modern roses, which are crosses of old garden roses and new varieties, that create a new type of rose.

~Buck Roses

Wonderful Hybridizer Griffith Buck of Iowa, created extra hardy roses that would withstand the very cold temperatures of zone 4.

~David Austin/English Roses

In the 1970's, David Austin, created a new group that combine the great characteristics of today's new roses with the beauties from the past. He created large headed roses that have very vigorous growth, re-blooming ability, and beautiful colors. These English roses, act like modern roses, but look like old garden roses. Abraham Darby is one such rose.

~EarthKind Roses

These roses have been tested and evaluated to meet a standard of low maintenance and disease resistance that make them environmentally responsible roses.

~Easy Elegance roses

Offered by Bailey Nurseries, these own-root roses are low maintenance.

~Explorer Roses

These roses were developed in Ontario. They are some of the most cold-hardy you can get.


This French series of roses is low-maintenance, and has non-stop bloom!

carefree wonder rose

Carefree Wonder Rose

This (Meidiland) rose is truly a "wonder". A long-blooming rose with lovely large pink flowers with a white eye.

Each bloom has 20-25 petals.It grows 3-4 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. wide. It will tolerate some shade. It is very hardy (zones 3-9)

~Modern Series

These Canadian roses are the most cold-hardy. Developed in Manitoba, these roses can survive temperatures down to -30F to -35F with only the snow for protection.

Modern Blush

modern blush rose

The light pink flowers of this lovely shrub rose, fade to a warm ivory color. Florets come in sprays of 2-5 blooms. A low growing plant, that usually grows 2-5 feet tall.

This is a VERY hardy Canadian rose. (Hardy zones 2-10)

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Modern Fireglow

modern fireglow rose

A floriferous shrub rose displays a brilliant color rarely seen in shrub roses. The fiery orange red blooms come in clusters of 2-3" double blooms. The plant is bushy, growing 2-3 feet. The plant is resistant to black-spot and mildew.

~Romantica Roses

House of Meilland in France,produced these roses with large shapes, and rich fragrances. The first of the series was a rose called Eden.

Ruffled Cloud

One of the longest blooming of all roses! Really Tough rose!


The blooms appear to be 'hand painted' Very showy in the garden! Intense clove fragrance.

Knockout Rose

The Knock out Rose is the latest sensation in modern Shrub roses. This rose was introduced by William Radler in 1999. A great disease resistant,wonderful landscape rose, that is available in different colors, as well as both single flowers, and doubles. (Double pink knockout pictured)These roses are very popular for both the home gardener, and the landscaper.

pink knockout

Yabba Dabba Do Rose

A very colorful Ever-blooming Landscape Shrub rose!

See a picture, and learn more.....

More Shrub roses..

Bull's Eye  The cream/ivory colored petals have a cranberry red colored blotch in the base of each rose flower.

The semi-double blooms have a moderate sweet spice fragrance

Grows 4- 5 1/2'

Belinda's Dream

Rich pink,double blooms with a moderate, fruity fragrance. Easy-care shrub rose has excellent black spot resistance. Bushy plant grows 3-4'

Bubble Double Light pink, no fragrance Grows 3-4' Excellent resistance to rose diseases.

Cape Diamond  Pure pink, double flowers with a very spicy fragrance. Grows 3 1/2-5' The most disease resistant roses in the rose world!

Carefree Celebration Rainbow of colors that include;orange, orange/red,and peach. Cup like double blooms are more intense in hot sun. Only a slight fragrance. Grows to 4 1/2'

Champlain True red, semi-double with a slight fragrance Grows 3-4'.  Floriferous in all climates! Produces clusters of blooms. Hardy to zone 3.

Distant Drums Orchid Pink with bronze centers Grows 3-4' Moderate Myrrh fragrance. Hardy and vigorous.

Home Run Flame red with golden stamens Nearly always in bloom. Grows 3-5' No fragrance  (An off spring from Knockout) Even better disease resistance!

Icecap Clear, pure white blooms are produced in masses all season. Unsurpassed disease resistance and tolerance to most rose diseases. No fragrance.Hardy to zone 5

Kashmir  Deep red, velvety, very full double blooms with a light fragrance. Grows 2-4' Ever blooming, disease resistant.

Midnight Blue Velvety, deep purple with a strong clove fragrance. Cupped, old fashioned flowers on a low, rounded bush. Grows 2-3'

Milwaukee's Calatrava Pure white, double with very strong citrus scent. Continuous bloomer. Grows 4-5'.

Music Box Fully double blooms have yellow centers with soft pink edges. Easy-care, hardy and disease resistant. Grows to 3'. Moderate, sweet fragrance.

Starry Night Single white flowers with golden stamens. 5 petals. Grows 3-5'tall by 3-5' wide. No fragrance. Great profusion of flower clusters.

Take it Easy Deep, velvety red blooms have a lighter pink reverse. Slight tea fragrance. Grows 3 1/2- 4'.

The Fairy Cascading sprays of pink, double blooms. Grows 2-3', mild apple fragrance. Disease resistant and hardy!

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Zaide Brilliant pink,old fashioned flowers with a strong, fruity fragrance. Grows 3-4'. Excellent mildew resistance.

 You can't go wrong with these beautiful roses! these type of roses are not only popular, but also easy to care for roses!

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