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shocking blue roseShocking Blue

The Shocking Blue Rose, has an unusual color, 'shocking', yes,but certainly not blue!

The color is more of a lilac/mauve with magenta petal backs. In the shadow of the ruffly petals, you will see a dark lilac purple color.

The flowers on these Floribunda roses are quite large, and are more of a typical Hybrid tea form, but they appear in clusters of around 3-9.

The blooms of these beautiful roses are intensely fragrant. They have a very sweet scent, with a hint of lemon.

The long stems make them well suited for cutting, and a florist favorite. They are actually grown as cut flowers commercially, and used for arrangements and bouquets.

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Type Floribunda Roses

Hybridizer   Kordes, Germany 1974

Growth Habits Very vigorous grower, reaching 3-4'.

Blooms Lilac/Mauve colored blooms in large sprays.Flowers are almost 4'across.

Foliage Dark colored leaves are glossy, tough, and healthy.

Fragrance Strong and sweet, with a hint of lemon

Hardy zone 4-10

This rose is a very vigorous grower, reaching 3-4' easily. It has a reputation of being both prolific and continual flowering.

The double, high centered flowers are heavily scented. They are exhibition form, and great for cutting.

Although they are free-flowering, and the bush is vigorous,they are slow to repeat blooms if they are not deadheaded.

This rose has been used extensively by breeders in an attempt to produce a rose with these same superior color qualities and growth habits. (Some think the contrast between the flower color and the color of the leaves is not all that it could be)

Light pruning and removing spent flowers will keep this rosebush producing new flowers all season. Cool conditions seem to bring out the best flowers for both size and color.

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